Adelinde Cornelissen to Detail New Personal Training Program

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Adelinde Cornelissen, Olympic individual silver medalist. © 2012 Ken Braddick/

Adelinde Cornelissen, individual silver and team bronze medalist at the Olympic Games in London, will present her new approach to physical and mental conditioning to the 12th Global Dressage Forum in the Netherlands Oct. 29-30.

Adelinde’s presentation at the forum organized by the newly created Global Dressage Foundation presided over by Princess Benedikte of Denmark, will be among demonstrations by some of the most successful Olympic riders and trainers with practical presentations by Germany’s Helen Langehanenberg and Ingrid Klimke and Sweden’s Patrik Kittel .

Adelinde, with her partner, jumper rider Sjaak van der Lei, photographer Arnd Bronkhorst and the team of Tjalling van den Berg, a top gymnastics trainer, will demonstrate how she prepared for the London Games.

“Only a well trained and fit rider can inspire its horse toward top performance,” she said.

The program includes core stability exercise, balance acts with balls and even boxing.

She attributed her total lack of disappointment at not winning gold to her physical training program.

“I did not lose gold, but I won silver. My personal trainers have taught me that I can only do my best, and I should not bother about things over which I have no influence, like judges’ scores.

“The psychological training, which is connected to my physical training program, is one of the elements I want to explain during the Global Dressage Forum.”