Astrix 7 Wins 6-year-old title to become Double World Champion

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VERDEN, Germany, Aug 7- In stark contrast to the finals of the five year olds, tension, spooking and mistakes were significant factors in the six-year-old World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horse final Sunday that was won by Astrix 7 ridden by Emmelie Scholtens of The Netherlands.

The 2010 five-year-old champion, licensed KWPN stallion Astrix 7 (Obelisk x Olivi), was ridden tactfully by Emmelie to post the highest trot score of the day, 9.60 with his very elegant and light-footed way of going.

Double world champion, Astrix 7 and Emmelie Scholtens © 2011 ilse schwarz/

His flying changes lacked quality and strongly affected the score for submission, 7.40 but his final score of 8.70  was enough to sneak in front of the Rhinelander stallion Damone Jerome (Damon Hill x Guy Laroche) ridden by the very popular Uta Gräf of Germany who scored 8.68 much earlier in the class.

The large Dutch audience watch the gold medal hope, Astrix and Emmelie Scholtens© 2011 ilse schwarz/

The bronze medal was awarded to the Westfalian gelding St Emilion 2 (Sandro Hit x Ehrenwort) ridden by Dorothee Schneider, also of Germany. This pair received the highest score of the day for submission, 9.00.

Damon Jerome took an early lead in the class with a fluid test showing good basic gaits and first class training, trot 8.50, walk 9.00, canter 8.50, submission 8.70, general impression 8.70. The gaits showed really good adjustability between the collected and extended movements, uphill tendency in trot and canter and to quote the ground jury “walk pirouettes for a 10.” He didn’t really halt at the beginning or end of the test so the submission score was adjusted suitably.

The judges loved the "uphill tendency" of Damon Jerome and Uta Gräf © 2011 ilse schwarz/

It seems that after Damon Jerome left the ring, hidden gremlins and ghosts appeared and the next four combinations, IPS Don Marissimo and Larissa Pauluis of Belgium, Ratzinger V and Jennifer Hoffmann of the USA, Schickeria 8 and Helen Langehanenberg of Germany and IPS Amazing Star with Holland’s Theo Hanzon all had major issues. IPS Amazing Star was actually excused, the resistance through his test became so great. The Dutch combination of TC Athene and Gerdine Maree, who went immediately prior to Damon Jerome  also had significant spooking.

Dorothee Schneider is delighted with her ride on St Emilion 2 © 2011 ilse schwarz/

We were reminded that “this can happen in  a World Championship for YOUNG horses, especially when it is so windy.”

The CDI3* Grand Prix Special was an all-German affair at the top, won by Kristina Sprehe and Desperados with 71.583 per cent, Nadine Capellmann on Elvis VA second with 70.875 per cent and Isabell Werth and Don Johnson third with 69.938 per cent.

Prize of Firma BreFood GmbH, Diepholz
Int. dressage competition for young horses
CH-M-D YH final 6-year old horses
Placed competitors
1. 39 Astrix Scholtens, Emmelie NED 2000 EUR Wertnote 8.7
R 6-j.H v.Obelisk/M.v.Olivi/KWPN/102ZN63/B: Stal Perlee,
2. 251 Damon Jerome Gräf, Uta GER 1100 EUR Wertnote 8.68
F 6-j.H v.Damon Hill/M.v.Guy Laroche/RHLD/102ZR87/B: Hitschold Prof.Dr.,Thomas
3. 785 St. Emilion Schneider, Dorothee GER 800 EUR Wertnote 8.42
R 6-j.H v.Sandro Hit/M.v.Ehrenwort/WESTF/103HL99/B: Ullrich,Christina
4. 547 Lezard Bouten, Matthias GER 400 EUR Wertnote 8.4
F 6-j.W v.Lord Loxley I/M.v.Riccione/RHLD/103HL97/B: Winter-Schulze,Madeleine
5. 631 Presidents Avanti Lieren, Laurens van NED 200 EUR Wertnote 8.38
B 6-j.H v.United/M.v.Farrington/KWPN/103IA54/B: Kooiman,C. & President Dressage S
6. 478 Horatio Schneider, Dorothee GER 150 EUR Wertnote 8.22
R 6-j.W v.Hochadel/M.v.Matcho AA/HANN/103HM07/B: Dressurstall Rothenberger/Erlenh
7. 490 Isac Telde, Minna SWE 150 EUR Wertnote 8.0
B 6-j.H v.Hip Hop/M.v.Master/S.WBL/102ZW12/B: Telde,Minna
7. 420 Freak Blue Phantom OLD Möller, Kristine DEN 150 EUR Wertnote 8.0
B 6-j.H v.Florencio I/M.v.Feinbrand/OLD/102ZF03/B: Thorsen,Jens
9. 2 Aaron Freund, Jana GER 150 EUR Wertnote 7.96
DF 6-j.H v.Florencio I/M.v.Record/KWPN/B: Livens,Louis
10. 832 Torveslettens Stamina Helgstrand, Andreas DEN 150 EUR Wertnote 7.94
SCHI 6-j.S v.Stedinger/M.v.Carano/DK/102ZM91/B: Rugaard,Pernille
11. 778 Soulmate Kirchhoff, Senta GER 150 EUR Wertnote 7.56
DB 6-j.W v.Sandro Hit/M.v.Calypso II/HANN/103HM63/B: Kirchhoff,Senta
12. 825 TC Athene Maree, Gerdine NED 150 EUR Wertnote 7.54
F 6-j.H v.United/M.v.Jazz/KWPN/103IA34/B: Coomans,T.J.M. & Maree,G.M.
13. 488 I.P.S. Don Massimo Pauluis, Larissa BEL 150 EUR Wertnote 7.02
DB 6-j.H v.Don Larino/M.v.Santander H/OLD/102ZE56/B: Pauluis,Larissa
14. 660 Ratzinger V Hoffmann, Jennifer USA 150 EUR Wertnote 6.94
DB 6-j.H v.Riccione/M.v.Pablo/OE.WB/B: Hoffmann,Jennifer
15. 723 Schickeria Langehanenberg, Helen GER 150 EUR Wertnote 6.8
F 6-j.S v.Sir Donnerhall I/M.v.Weltmeyer/WESTF/103HH09/B: Max-Theurer,Elisabeth
Other, non-placed competitors
16. 17 I.P.S. Amazing Star Hanzon, Theo NED eliminated
DB 6-j.H v.Flemmingh/M.v.Ferro/KWPN/103IA64/B: Uytert,J.M. van
Data of competition:
Judges: S.Baarup Total prize money:
6000 EUR
J.van Daele