Woodlander Farouche in class of own Is 1st British Horse to win 5-Year-Old World Championship

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VERDEN, Germany, Aug. 6–The exquisite Hanoverian mare, Woodlander Farouche ridden by Great Britain’s Michael George Eilberg, totally dominated the five year old division Saturday to become the first British horse to be crowned world champion.

Many thought this was maybe the most complete winner in recent years at this World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses, the mare (Furst Heinrich x Dimaggio) showing suppleness, expression, power, rideability and scoring a perfect 10 for her walk. She finished with a total score of 9.72.

Woodlander Farouche and Michael Eilberg thoroughly enjoy a true victory GALLOP! © 2011 ilse schwarz/dressage-news.com

Reserve champion was also a chestnut mare, Damon’s Divene (Damon Hill x Rubin Royal) ridden beautifully by Helen Langehanenberg of Germany and achieving a final score of 9.12. Helen will be competing with Divene’s sire, Damon Hill, at the European Championships in Rotterdam in two weeks.

The rain proves lucky again for Damon's Divene and Helen Langehanenberg © 2011 ilse schwarz/dressage-news.com

The popular, tall and elegant KWPN stallion, Bretton Woods ridden by the consummate young horse rider, Emmelie Scholtens placed third with 8.88 This combination from The Netherlands really improved their performance from the qualification round.

Bretton Woods and Emmelie Scholtens © 2011 ilse schwarz/dressage-news.com

Woodlander Farouche became the first British-bred horse to win at the Young Horse World Championships.

Though she broke into canter during the extended trot, there was no doubt from anyone that she was the winner. She scored 9.40 for her trot, even with the mistake. In every other way, the trot demonstrated all the qualities the judges look for: balance, uphill tendency, adjustability, suppleness, engagement. Jennie Loriston-Clarke revealed that the mistake had been the source of some argument between the judges as they decided how to account for it in the scores.

There was no arguments over the walk score, 10 for a relaxed, correct ground-covering stride that maintained a perfect connection with the bridle.

The canter continued the use of superlatives by the judges, 9.80 and with such perfect self carriage and lightness to the bit the score for submission was 9.60 and general impression 9.80. I believe only Florencio scored a higher final score, 9.80, when he won here as a five-year-old.

Woodlander Farouche scored 9.80 for her canter. © 2011 ilse schwarz/dressage-news.com

Farouche’s breeder Lynne Crowden was in tears through the award ceremony, as were many others.

“I thought Thursday was bad, but today’s is much worse,” Lynne quipped. “People ask how I am going to celebrate tonight, I’m too exhausted”. She was very forward in praising Michael for his contribution as she clearly understands you need the right team to cultivate talent. It seems the mare will be staying in Britain for the long term. Lynne is now part owner of Farouche with the Eilberg family and a long time friend, Alison Watson. Lynne unabashadly stated that “this was a horse for the British team.”

Woodlands Farouche takes a taste of her prizes. Breeder Lynne Crowden says "The horse just makes you breathless with admiration for her." © 2011 ilse schwarz/dressage-news.com

German combinations filled the top of results in the CDI3* Grand Prix held concurrently with the young horse championships–Isabell Werth and Don Johnson in first scoring 72.106 per cent, Kristina Sprehe on Desperados second with 71.766 per cent and Nadine Capellmann on Elvis VA third on 69.468 per cent.

Prize of Kreissparkasse Verden
Int. dressage competition for young horses
CH-M-D YH final 5-year old horses
Placed competitors
1. 876 Woodlander Farouche Eilberg, Michael George GBR 2000 EUR Wertnote 9.72
F 6-j.S v.Fürst Heinrich/M.v.Dimaggio/BHS/103DV59/B: L.Crowden/A.Waltson/S.Eilber
2. 252 Damon’s Divene Langehanenberg, Helen GER 1100 EUR Wertnote 9.12
F 5-j.S v.Damon Hill/M.v.Rubin-Royal/WESTF/103HG97/B: Becks,Christian
3. 90 Bretton Woods Scholtens, Emmelie NED 800 EUR Wertnote 8.88
R 5-j.H v.Johnson/M.v.De Niro/KWPN/103HV24/B: Fam. van Limpt
4. 86 Boston STH Minderhoud, Hans Peter NED 400 EUR Wertnote 8.74
DB 5-j.H v.Johnson/M.v.Quattro B/KWPN/B: Minderhoud,Hans Peter
5. 487 IPS Bon Bravour Franckx-Goen, Tom BEL 200 EUR Wertnote 8.64
B 5-j.H v.Painted Black I/M.v.Chronos/KWPN/103HP74/B: IPS Horse Group,
6. 742 Showtime Schneider, Dorothee GER 150 EUR Wertnote 8.58
DB 5-j.W v.Sandro Hit/M.v.Rotspon/HANN/B: Kippert,Gabriele
7. 815 Swing de Hus Michel, Jessica FRA 150 EUR Wertnote 8.48
R 5-j.H v.San Remo/M.v.Wonderland/HANN/103DP59/B: Michel,Jessica
8. 85 Borencio Scholtens, Emmelie NED 150 EUR Wertnote 8.4
B 5-j.H v.Florencio I/M.v.Lord Sinclair I/KWPN/103HV35/B: Collins,A. & Elias,A.
9. 403 Florentinus V Hoffmann, Jennifer USA 150 EUR Wertnote 8.32
DB 5-j.H v.Florestan I/M.v.Londonderry/WESTF/B: Hoffmann,Jennifer
10. 279 De Champ OLD Engelbart, Anja GER 150 EUR Wertnote 8.3
DB 5-j.H v.Daddy Cool/M.v.Caprimond/OLD/B: Schockemöhle,Paul
11. 41 Atterupgaard’s Final Kiss Henningsen, Sanne DEN 150 EUR Wertnote 8.18
R 5-j.H v.French Kiss/M.v.Diamond/DK/103HV29/B: Munkedal Aps,
12. 603 N.O.H.’S Daijoubo Helgstrand, Andreas DEN 150 EUR Wertnote 8.16
B 5-j.W v.Daddy Cool/M.v.Picandt/DK/103HV48/B: Stutteri N.O.H.,
13. 430 Fürstenball OLD Westendarp, Ines GER 150 EUR Wertnote 8.12
SCHWB 5-j.H v.Fürst Heinrich/M.v.Donnerhall/OLD/B: BG Hendriksen u.Schockemöhle,
14. 812 Sunday NRW Wilimzig, Anja GER 150 EUR Wertnote 8.0
DB 5-j.H v.Sandro Hit/M.v.Donnerhall/WESTF/103HJ31/B: Nordrhein-Westf. Landgestüt
15. 826 TC Beau Deux Raateland, Geert-Jan NED 150 EUR Wertnote 7.44
DB 5-j.S v.Ravel/M.v.Gouverneur/KWPN/103IA53/B: Raateland,Geert-Jan & Coomans,T.J
Judges: J.Loriston-Clarke Total prize money:
M.Santos Redondo