Katherine Bateson Chandler & Haute Couture Win Ocala CDI3* Grand Prix Special for Double Victory at World Equestrian Center

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Katherine Bateson Chandler and Haute Couture at Ocala World Equestrian Center. © 2023 Q2 Photography

OCALA, Florida, May 27, 2023–The partnership developed between Katherine Bateson Chandler and Haute Couture was on display Saturday in winning the CDI3* Grand Prix Special for a double victory at the World Equestrian Center.

Katherine of Wellington, Florida and the 11-year-old KWPN mare scored 73.085% in only their second international competition since Haute Couture was acquired from the Netherlands early last year after Dinja van Liere took the horse to the 2021 European Championships. The win in the Special came a day after claiming the Grand Prix.

The results are expected to put Katherine in contention for the U.S. squad to be selected to compete at the Rotterdam and Aachen CHIOs next month.

“I’m super thrilled with my test,” said Katherine. “I watched my video from yesterday in the Grand Prix and knew what I had to improve on. I felt like she rose to the challenge. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a feeling like that in the arena before. She’s amazing.

She was so in front of the leg. All dressage riders are always looking for that really flowing, in front of the leg feeling. She was 100 percent there for me. Every correction I made she was right there for me. I felt like the weaknesses that I had yesterday I didn’t have today, which was my main focus. I corrected what I didn’t love from yesterday. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

“I know everybody says they have a special horse, but she is extra special. She’s so intelligent. She’s such a show horse. She knows exactly what’s going on all the time. She knows when to turn on, when to turn off. She’s like a human kind of intelligence, which can work for you and against you. That’s in our learning curve of figuring her out.

“Today she was completely on my side and fought for me every step of that test. I was honestly almost in tears at the end of it. No matter what my score was, that feeling is something else. It’s a high like you can’t believe, when you feel like it’s your friend and your partner but she still respects me.”

Haute Couture, owned by Jennifer Huber and Katherine, is the successor Alcazar, the KWPN gelding that is now 18 years old but also competing here, that has been Katherine’s main mount for a decade including on American teams in nine Nations Cups, seven in Europe.

Katie Duerrhammer, on the U.S. team with Quartett at the world championships last year, was runner-up on the 12-year-old Westfalen gelding Paxton on 71.489%.

Lehua Custer also of Wellington and F.J. Ramzes, American-bred 13-year-old KWPN gelding, was third on 69.766%.


CDI3* Grand Prix Special

Rank Competitor Score E H C M B
Katherine Bateson Chandler (USA)
Haute Couture
73.085% 74.362 71.170 74.894 73.298 71.702
Katie Duerrhammer (USA)
71.489% 69.574 68.617 73.085 71.596 74.574
Lehua Custer (USA)
F.J. Ramzes
69.766% 65.638 71.809 71.277 71.809 68.298
Jan Ebeling (USA)
Jubi’s Tenacity
69.659% 67.872 70.106 70.532 70.106 69.681
Anna Marek (USA)
Fire Fly
68.574% 67.234 68.085 70.426 68.723 68.404
Kerrigan Gluch (USA)
Mejorano HGF
68.298% 70.426 68.723 66.170 67.340 68.830
Benjamin Ebeling (USA)
66.702% 65.000 66.064 69.149 67.128 66.170
Kevin Kohmann (USA)
66.660% 67.447 66.489 66.596 66.170 66.596
Virginia Yarur (CHI)
66.000% 64.255 65.426 67.340 66.809 66.170
Nancy Smith (USA)
Eragon VO
65.702% 64.468 65.745 66.489 65.745 66.064
Tiago Ernesto (POR)
Hobbit Interagro
65.404% 65.532 65.213 67.021 65.426 63.830
Patricia Ferrando (VEN)
65.106% 65.106 65.851 65.532 65.957 63.085
Mikala Münter (USA)
64.766% 63.511 63.404 64.574 66.064 66.277
Rakeya Moussa (CAN)
Davidoff V.H. Trichelhof
64.277% 62.660 62.021 65.426 66.277 65.000
Bianca Berktold (USA)
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