Edward Gal Rides Glock’s Total US to Netherlands Championship Freestyle Victory for 12th National Title

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Edward Gal and Glock’s Total U.S. © 2021 Digishot

ERMELO, Netherlands, June 6, 2021–Edward Gal completed his domination of the Netherlands Championships with a victory on Glock’s Total U.S. in the Grand Prix Freestyle Sunday while his partner Hans Peter Minderhoud on Glock’s Dream Boy and Dinja van Liere on Hermès produced results to make them top contenders for the team to go to the Olympics in less than seven weeks.

Edward and the nine-year-old Hanoverian stallion scored 85.625% for the musical performance a day after winning the Grand Prix Special in vying for a place on Holland’s Olympic team of three riders and horses. The national title was the 12th for the 51-year-old Edward seeking to go to his third Olympics. Total US and Toto Jr., that were first and second, respectively in the Special, are sons of Totilas, the black stallion that Edward rode to become a global celebrity partnership but was sold in 2010 without going to an Olympics.

Hans Peter and Dream Boy, a 13-year-old KWPN stallion, was second in the Freestyle on 81.610% after placing third in the Special Saturday behind Edward’s two mounts. Dream Boy was ridden by Hans Peter on Dutch teams at the 2018 World Equestrian Games and for silver at the 2019 European Championships

Dinja van Liere, in her first senior championships, claimed the Freestyle bronze on Hermès, a nine-year-old KWPN stallion. The duo were fourth in the Special and Dinja also placed sixth on Haute Courture.

Marlies van Baalen on Go Legend was fourth in the Freestyle.


Netherlands Championship Grand Prix Freestyle

Judges: Jeannette Wolfs Adriaan F. Hamoen Maarten Van der Heijden Janine van Twist Mara de Bel Groenenboom
Place Score Nation Athlete Horse E H C M B
1. 85.625 NED Edward Gal Glock’s Total U.S. 85.55 85.125 86.25 86.375 84.825
2. 81.610 NED Hans Peter Minderhoud Glock’s Dream Boy N.O.P. 80.525 80.75 80.375 83.375 83.025
3. 81.025 NED Dinja van Liere Hermès 80.65 79.75 83 80.2 81.525
4. 79.525 NED Marlies van Baalen Go Legend 79.075 79.475 78.875 79.475 80.725
5. 77.680 NED Vincent Van Gasselt Delacroix II 75.25 77.5 78 78.75 78.9
6. 76.555 MAR Yessin Rahmouni All at Once 76.575 76.85 76.375 76.075 76.9
7. 75.900 NED Denise Nekeman Boston STH 74.25 75.5 77.75 75.475 76.525
8. 75.505 NED Adelinde Cornelissen Governor-STR 74 74.075 75 76.325 78.125
9. 75.200 NED Thamar Zweistra Hexagon’s Double Dutch 74.85 75.2 75.625 76.075 74.25
10. 75.115 NED Madeleine Witte-Vrees Finnländerin 74.925 74.25 75.875 75.45 75.075
11. 73.700 NED Kirsten Beckers Easy Quo 75.35 73.375 71.75 74.8 73.225
12. 70.815 NED Marieke van der Putten Her Majesty TF RS2 72.5 72.15 67.875 70 71.55