Last Scheduled 2020/21 Central European World Cup Qualifier Canceled

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Russia’s Regina Isachkina and Sun of May Life at the 2019 World Cup Final. © 2019 Ken Braddick/

Nov. 10, 2020

The last 2020/21 Central European World Cup qualifier scheduled for Slovakia this week has been canceled but seven events that were staged saw Russia’s Regina Isachkina and Hungary’s Csaba Szokola at the top of the standings to fill the two places available for the Final.

The cancellation of the qualifier in Motesice amidst surging coronavirus cases in Europe comes the same time as the Western European circuit has been cut to four out of 10 qualifiers. Nine of the 18 rider and horse combinations are set aside for Western Europe at the Final in Gothenburg, Sweden in April. Defending champion Isabell Werth of Germany will be a 10th pair from the region.

Since the first of the annual dressage World Cup Finals in 1986, the championship that was scheduled for Las Vegas this year was the first time it had been canceled.

The organizers have made it clear that despite the pandemic decimating competition schedules they are still planning for the joint Finals of dressage and jumping for the 10th time at Gothenburg, one of the most popular venues.

Of the four geographic leagues, Central Europe is now complete if no replacement show is proposed. Many riders from Western Europe have been able to earn points in the Central European qualifiers that can be added to results in their home shows.

In Western Europe, the qualifier in Denmark last month began the indoor circuit but the only one to be held so far. Lyon, France; Stuttgart, Germany; Madrid; London Olympia; Mechelen, Belgium and Amsterdam have been pulled from the lineup, leaving only Salzburg, Austria on the calendar for next month and Neumünster, Germany and ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands scheduled for next year.

North America with its allocation of two places in the Final has nearly a complete lineup of qualifying events with a total of eight.

Although four qualifiers were canceled earlier this year some replacement events were added.

One World Cup was held in Tryon, North Carolina last month with three more on the calendar–two in California and one in Florida–the remainder of this year. Next winter, three are scheduled for the Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, Florida and one at Temecula, California.

However, in addition to American and Canadian riders, combinations from Latin America and other parts of the world are expected to seek to qualify at Global for starting places.

The Pacific League of Australia and New Zealand has held no qualifiers and none are scheduled. A decision on how to fill the single spot in the Final has not yet been announced.