2020 FEI Awards Voting Opens for Best of Past Decade

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Nov. 10, 2020

The 2020 FEI Awards are being selected from the winners of the five categories of horse sports from the past decade and selected entirely by the public online.

Voting opened Tuesday, Nov. 10 and will be open until Nov. 22 for 55 nominees from 19 nations for Rising Star; Best Athlete; Best Groom; Against All Odds, and Solidarity. The complete list of nominees can be found here.

Winners will be announced the second week of December.

The nominees:

Ingrid Klimke/Germany – Eventing
Simone Blum/Germany – Jumping
Isabell Werth/Germany – Dressage
Nick Skelton/Great Britain – Jumping
Boyd Exell/Australia – Driving
Jeroen Dubbeldam/Netherlands – Jumping
Charlotte Dujardin/Great Britain – Dressage
Michael Jung/Germany – Eventing
Adelinde Cornelissen/Netherlands – Dressage
Edward Gal/Netherlands – Dressage
Meredith Michaels Beerbaum/Germany – Jumping

Madeleine Broek/Netherlands – Jumping
Lee McKeever/United States – Jumping
Alan Davies/Great Britain – Dressage
Mark Beever/Great Britain – Jumping
Jose Eduardo “Eddie” Garcia Luna/United States – Dressage
Jackie Potts/Great Britain – Eventing
Carmen Thiemann/Germany – Eventing
Celia Rijntjes/Netherlands – Jumping
Alice Gaillard/France – Eventing
Michelle Tipper/Great Britain – Dressage
Michelle Robson/Australia – Eventing

Semmieke Rothenberger/Germany – Dressage
Victor Levecque/France – Eventing
Harry Allen/Ireland – Jumping
Sönke Rothenberger/Germany – Dressage
Jessica Mendoza/Great Britain – Jumping
Lambert Leclezio/France – Vaulting
Reed Kessler/United States – Jumping
Thomas McDermott/Australia – Jumping
Nina Lamsam Ligon/Thailand-United States – Eventing
Caroline Roffman/United States – Dressage
Alex Hua Tian/China – Eventing

Zhenqiang LI/China
Leila Malki/Palestine
Emma Booth/Australia
Rodolpho Riskalla/Brazil
Oriana Ricca Marmissolle/Uruguay
Sydney Collier/United States
Joann Formosa/Australia
Courtney King-Dye/United States
Meg Wade/Australia
Angelika Trabert/Germany
Darlene Milord/Haiti

Uno Yxklinten/Sweden – Farrier
The Horsemanship Charity Programme/China
Retraining of Racehorses/India
Royal Moroccan Federation for Equestrian Sports/Morocco
Les Chevaux qui pansent les plaies (Horses that heal wounds)/Haiti
Equine-Assisted Learning for At Risk Kids/Singapore
National Army Riding School “Grito de Asencio”/Uruguay
Shumbashaba – Horses Helping People/South Africa
Soraya Ourrais/France-Morocco
The Ebony Horse Club/Great Britain
Wendy Gidlow/South Africa