USA Festival of Champions Draws Over 175 Entries for Next Week’s 12 National Championships, 2 Finals

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Aug. 12, 2020

More than 175 horse and rider combinations from across the continental United States have officially entered the Festival of Champions of 12 national championships and two medal seat finals near Chicago next week, close to 90 per cent of the pairs that qualified.

The U.S. Equestrian Federation that hosts the championships on Wednesday posted the list of entries for the annual event at the Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne, Illinois, a semi-rural western suburb of Chicago Aug. 18-23.

About 150 entries were received for the 12 championships of pony, children, junior, young rider, under-25, Intermediate 1, Grand Prix, developing Prix St. Georges and Grand Prix and three young horse divisions.

The Grand Prix, however, received only six entries, and no pair ranked above 150th in the world.

Included in the Grand Prix lineup were three wildcards, with three wild cards also added to the Intermediate 1 entries.

The few entries for the Grand Prix was not surprising as the top partnerships and prospects are focused on seeking to qualify for the American team for the Tokyo Olympics next summer. Selection procedures have not yet been announced but are expected to begin with CDIs in October followed by the intense Florida and California schedule of competitions through the winter.

Hunter/jumper competitions organized by HITS Chicago have been held since the beginning of June at Lamplight without incident during the coronavirus pandemic.

The show grounds were closed this week to be completely sanitized before the festival.


Grand Prix
Alice Tarjan/Candescent (owned by Alice Tarjan)
Dawn White-O’Connor and Bailarino (Four Winds Farm)
Jennifer Schrader-Williams and Millione (Millione Partners, LLC)
Katie Poag and Zonnekoning (Katie Poag)
Nora Batchelder and WGangster Girl (Sally Seaver)
Patricia Becker and Freedom (Anne Ramsay)

Intermediate I
Bridget Hay and Fauna (Amy Price)
Callie Jones and Don Philippo (Callie Jones)
David Blake and Heide Spirit (David Blake)
Dawn White-O’Connor and El Torro B (James P. Keenan)
Emily Donaldson and Audi (Emily Donaldson)
Endel Ots and Sonnenberg’s Everdance (Sonnenberg Farm, LLC)
Jami Kment and Gatino Van Hof Olympia (Jami Kment)
Kathy Priest and Damon’s Fantasy (Kathy Priest)
Katlyn Flett and Zen (Katlyn Flett)
Ruth Shirkey and Wyleigh Princess (Ruth Shirkey)
Susan Jones and Four Ever (Susan Jones)
Yvonne De Haan and Winter (Jacek De Haan)

Under-25 “Brentina Cup”
Emily Smith and Dublin (Emily Smith)
Emily Smith and Quantum Jazz (Emily Smith)
Kaylee Christensen and Chateau 28 (Kaylee Christensen)
Kerrigan Gluch and Vaquero HGF (Hampton Green Farm)
Mary Fischer and Xama Dos Pinhais (Mary Fischer)
Rebecca Roman and Ultimo (Nancy Roman)
Sarah Hassler and Harmony’s Boitano (Leslie Malone)

Developing Grand Prix
Akiko Yamzaki & Gronskovlunds Romeeo (Four Winds Farm)
Alice Tarjan and Donatella M (Alice Tarjan)
Alice Tarjan and Harvest (Alice Tarjan)
Angela Jackson and Figaro H (Angela Jackson)
Bonnie Canter and Fifinella GCF (Bonnie Canter)
Cesar Parra and GK Don Cesar (GK Elite Sport)
Christopher Hickey and Friend (Cecelia Stewart)
Daniela Groenke and Bardolino (Daniela Groenke)
James Koford and Flavius MF (Mary McKenna)
Kassandra Barteau and Sundance (Rose A. Grant)
Lindsey Holleger and MW Feinermark (Jennifer Vanover)
Shelley Van Den Neste and Fire Fly (Janet Simile)

Developing Prix St. Georges
Amelia Newcomb and Harvard (Amelia Newcomb)
Cesar Parra and GK Sir Beckmann (Cesar Parra)
Christopher Hickey and Stenagers Wyatt Earp (Cecelia Stewart)
Jennifer Wetterau and Hartog (Jennifer Wetterau)
Jennifer Williams and Sandeman (Jennifer Williams)
Karen Lipp and Infinity (Karen Lipp)
Kathryn Stoy and Flash Gordon HF (Lisa Thompson Smith)
Lindsey Holleger and MW Ave Maria (Jennifer Vanover)
Lindsey Holleger and MW Cilla Amour (Jennifer Vanover)
Martin Kuhn and Venivici (Elizabeth Cronin)
Nicholia Clarke and Sir Amour (Schuttler Stables, LLC)
Nicole Levy and Imposant (Nicole Levy)
Nora Batchelder and Fashion Week (Nora Batchelder)
Sarah Lockman and Balia (Summit Farm)
Sarah Lockman and Dehavilland (Sarah Lockman)

Heather Salden Kurtz and JJaguar B (Kristi Bloom)
Hillary Martin and Fortunata (Hillary Martin)
Jason Canton and Felicita (Lisa Thompson Smith)
Jason Canton and Frisantos (Lisa Thompson Smith)
Jennifer Truett and Absolute Dream (Jennifer Truett)
Jennifer Williams and Joppe K (Joppe Partners, LLC)
Judy Ethell and Jackpot Royal (Judy Ethell)
Kaitlin Blythe and Justice OF (Kaitlin Blythe)
Marcus Orlob and Spirit of Joy (Jeanette Pinard)
Meredith Kenyon and Julinda M (Meredith Kenyon)
Nichole Smith and Sijam (Patricia Gillian)
Nicole Levy and Dark Knight (Nicole Levy)
Pablo Gomez Molina and Baltasar De Ymas (Yeguada De Ymas S. L.)
Rebecca Rigdon and Jagger (Ad Astra Collective)
Stacey Hastings and Hermes BRH (Stacey Hastings)

Alice Tarjan and Summersby II (Alice Tarjan)
Angela Jackson and Dionysus MF (Maryanna Haymon)
Angela Jackson and Royal Heiress (Robert Jackson)
Bridget Hay and Shanahan (Bridget Hay)
Dawn Weniger and Kayman (Dawn Weniger)
Emily Brollier and Ynze Fan Vels (Julie Roche)
Lauren Chumley and Kyro (Christopher Preston)
Lucy Tidd and Kayla (Lucy Tidd)
Marne Martin-Tucker and Lovely Leni (Marne Martin-Tucker)
Michele Bondy and Sonnenberg’s Kain (Sonnenberg Farm, LLC).
Nadine Schwartsman and Furstenbelle (Nadine Schwartsman)
Nadine Schwartsman and Kiriska (Gayle Atkins)
Pablo Gomez Molina and Easy Di Fonteabeti Ymas (Cristina Danguillecourt)
Rebekah Mingari and Killian TF (Rebekah Mingari)

Ali Potasky and Lalique (Kathy Priest)
Alice Tarjan and Gjenganger (Alice Tarjan)
Bridget Hay and Bedelia (Bridget Hay)
David Ziegler and Saladine STC (David Ziegler)
Kaitlin Blythe and Leanora AOF (Kaitlin Blythe)
Kathryn Fleming-Kuhn and Rowena SW (Kathryn Fleming-Kuhn)
Lindsey Holleger and MW Bodacious (Jennifer Vanover)
Lindsey Holleger and MW Weissgold (Jennifer Vanover)
Marcus Orlob and Flambeau (Jeanette Pinard)
Marcus Orlob and Glory Day (Alice Tarjan)
Nadine Schwartsman and Floyd EDI (Cynthia Phelan)
Nadine Schwartsman and Lucian BHS (Stephanie Bennett)
Sarah Lockman and Lyamora (Summit Farm)
Sarah Mason and Liang (Sarah Mason)
Shannon Stevens and San Sebastian (Shannon Stevens)

Young Rider
Akela Haverlandt and Furst Rubilo (Bethanne Murphy)
Allison Nemeth and Tiko (Karen Nemeth)
Audra Sheffler and Frattini (Audra Sheffler)
Hanna Benne and Rogadoon RF (Lori Minteer)
Hannah Irons and Scola Bella (Dressage4Kids, Inc.)
Jordan Lockwood and Estudioso XLIV (Jordan Lockwood)
Katherine Mathews and Soliere (Peridot Equestrian LLC)
Kayla Kadlubek and Perfect Step (Dressage4Kids, Inc.)
Megan Peterson and Amoretto (Megan Petersen)
Melanie Doughty and Fascinata (Lori Minteer)
Meredith Talley and Romeo (Meredith Talley)
Ruby Tevis and Beerend W. (Vickie Short)
Skye Simpson and Dazzle (Skye Simpson)
Tillie Jones and QI Gong TF (Tillie Jones)

Junior Rider
Annelise Klepper and Happy Texas Moonlight (Shannon Klepper)
Averi Allen and Superman (Jonni Allen)
Beatrix Leffingwell and Nymphenburg’s Slyvester (Beatrix Leffingwell)
Caroline Mader and Fireking (Caroline Mader)
Caroline McQueen and Mandolin RH (Caroline McQueen)
Kylee Kment and Chivalry (Elaine Vandeventer)
Lily-Rose Bacon and Warm Night (Lily-Rose Bacon)
Lunalee Barboza and Donatus 107 (Lunalee Barboza)
Lydia Mcleod and Honneur B (Lydia Mcleod)
Maggie Elsbernd and Zeestar Texel (Maggie Elsbernd)
Maggie Tifft and E-Ros (Maggie Tifft)
Mary Clair Piller and Caterina (Emily Brollier)
Miki Yang and Rapsodie Espagnole (Four Winds Farm)
Quinn Ridgway and Dramatika V (Quinn Ridgway)
Reagan McCool and Goliath SSF (Nancy Cook)
Reagan McCool and FHF Rockstar (Jennifer Kaiser)
Reese Wyman and Samurai (Reese Wyman)
Sydney Lipar and Herzkonig (Denise Lipar)

Pony Rider
Abby Fodor and Slip and Slide (Marie Fodor)
Carmen Stephens and Woldhoeve’s Silco (Carmen Stephens)
Daphne Glenn and Squirtel (Daphne Glenn)
Iselle Longman and Hidden’s Midnight Shadow (Michelle Hargreaves)
Maya Ilada and Here-Be Seren Gwyn (Martha Stover)
Olivia Brown and Balthazar (Olivia Brown)
Paydan McLaughlin and Lily of Chincoteague (Paydan McLaughlin)
Santina Hackett and Fierro L’Oasis (Santina Hackett)
Uliana Ukrainchuk and Summit View Affair To Remember (Lesya Ukrainchuk, DVM.)

Ella Traylor and Shall We Dance (Ella Traylor)
Emi Yang and Garden’s Sam (Four Winds Farm)
Isabela Keller and Branco Van De Vogelzang (Marisa Keller)
Justine Boyer and Lentisco XVIII (Hampton Green Farm)
Kasey Denny and Hemingway KW (Amy Denny)
Kat Fuqua and Dreamgirl (Kat Fuqua)
Lexie Kment and Manatee (Jami Kment)
Maren Elise Fouche-Hanson and In My Feelings (Maren Elise Fouche-Hanson)
McKenzie Miller and Romantic Man (Kenzie’s Awesome Equines, LLC)
Olivia Martz and Norra (Heather Decent)
Sienna Rowe and Lightfire Just Do It (Jason Rowe)
Tessa Geven and Big Bear’s Cepheus (Tessa Geven)

Dressage Seat Medal
13 & Under
Alice Burley and Joshua S.
Caylin Blue and Freckle Juice
Grace Young and Maestro
Jasmine Cho and Avalena
Kasey Denny and Hemingway KW
Katia Szwejbka and JS Treasured Dude
Korey Denny and L’Espirit De Kelci SVS
Maren Elise Fouche-Hanson and In My Feelings
Molly Welsch and Franchesca
Olivia Martz and Norra
Reya Salazar and Oliver Twist

Abigail Rowe and Ellert HB
Caroline McQueen and Mandolin RH
Daphne Glenn and Squirtel
Ella Fruchterman & Goerklintgaards Firefly
Emma Teff and Beaudacious
Erin Nichols and Rara Avis P
Grace Sharplin and Double Dutch
Isabella Vaca and Rayne Dance
Marin Roth and Erin Meadows Jagermeister
Samantha Collins and Zuckerhut
Simone Hersh and Nico fan Fjildsicht
Suzannah Rogers and Paladine Of Elysium
Trinity Schatzel and Phirst Phiddle
Averi Allen and Superman
Uliana Ukrainchuk and Don Denali