World Equestrian Games May Feel Impact of Hurricane Developing in Atlantic

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Florence is a tropical storm but is forecast to become a hurricane in the next two days with the path currently projected to the Carolina coast. Charleston, South Carolina is about 220 miles/350km from Tryon.

Sept. 8, 2018

The World Equestrian Games may feel the impact of Tropical Storm Florence in the Atlantic that could develop into a major hurricane that is projected to hit the Carolina coast about 220 miles/350km from Tryon by next Thursday.

The National Hurricane Center predicted Florence “is now intensifying over the Atlantic Ocean, and is increasingly likely to either landfall or strike a part of the U.S. East Coast as a formidably strong hurricane mid- to late next week.”

“While the exact path is still uncertain, a strike on the U.S. East Coast is increasingly likely. This may happen as soon as Thursday.”

As of Saturday morning U.S. Eastern time, Florence was a tropical storm 840 miles/1,350km southeast of Bermuda and moving west toward the Carolina coast with maximum sustained winds of 65 miles/100km an hour.

Florence, the center said, is expected to become a hurricane by Sunday and “a major hurricane early next week.”

Heavy rains over the U.S. East Coast in recent months have left the grounds sodden and could lead to flooding well inland if Florence stays on the same track.

Hurricane Irma a year ago made landfall in South Florida carrying heavy rain as it moved northward through the coastal states of Georgia and South and North Carolina.