Laura Graves Tops Wellington’s Global Dressage Festival Prize Money

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Laura Graves and Verdades at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival World Cup. © 2017 Ken Braddick/

WELLINGTON, Florida, April 1, 2017–Laura Graves was the top prize money winner at this year’s Adequan Global Dressage Festival, the first American money leader in five years of the circuit.

The United States Olympic team bronze medal partnership of Laura of Geneva, Florida and Verdades started six times in just three of the seven CDIs in Wellington to win every time and accumulate a total of $55,600 in prize money.

Tinne Vilhelmsson-Silfvén, a seven-time Olympian for Sweden and who has competed in Florida every winter since 2010, was second on the prize money list with $38,770.

Shelly Francis of Loxahatchee, Florida was third in earnings with $36,900 followed by Steffen Peters of San Diego, California with $32,340 and Katherine Bateson-Chandler also of Wellington rounding out the top five with $23,540.

About 130 riders from 16 countries on five continents shared in distribution of the total prize money of about $700,000, according to compilation of the standings by and presented by Cunningham & Cunningham Livestock Insurance.

The top placings in recent years have been by the Florida-based Danish riders Lars Petersen and Mikala Gundersen.

Adequan Global Dressage Festival Prize Money Standings
2017 Circuit Final presented by Cunningham & Cunningham Livestock Insurance

Laura Graves USA $55,600
Tinne Vilhelmsson-Silfvén SWE $38,770
Shelly Francis USA $36,900
Steffen Peters USA $32,340
Katherine Bateson-Chandler USA $23,540
Jill Irving CAN $23,425
Juan Matute, Jr. ESP $23,370
Brittany Fraser CAN $21,500
Jacqueline Brooks CAN $19,170
Jan Ebeling USA $18,190
Kasey Perry-Glass USA $17,100
Arlene Page USA $16,180
Lisa Wilcox USA $15,100
Adrienne Lyle USA $12,480
Megan Lane CAN $11,720
Maria Florenica Manfredi ARG $11,020
Katie Poag USA $10,690
Susan Pape GBR $9,970
Charlotte Jorst USA $9,420
Ellesse Tzinberg PHI $6,760
Chase Hickok USA $6,440
Jaimey Irwin CAN $5,760
P.J. Rizvi USA $5,670
Olivia Lagoy-Weltz USA $5,480
Jennifer Baumert USA $4,950
Christilot Boylen CAN $4,890
Catherine Malone USA $4,820
Tina Irwin CAN $4,420
Christof Koschel GER $4,430
Dawn White O’Connor USA $4,265
Jessica Rhinelander CAN $4,080
Kasey Perry-Glass USA $4,040
Anna Marek USA $4,000
Kelly Layne AUS $3,980
Lindsay Kellock CAN $3,920
Katharina Stumpf AUT $3,400
Barbara Bertschinger SUI $3,370
Kathy Priest USA $3,280
Devon Kane USA $2,870
Jane Cleveland USA $2,790
Christopher Hickey USA $2,740
Michael Klimke GER $2,710
Diane Creech CAN $2,640
Nicole Levy USA $2,380
Yvonne Losos de Muniz DOM $2,150
Evi Strasser CAN $2,030
Karen Lipp USA $1,930
Gabriela Stumpf AUT $1,800
Lars Petersen DEN $1,740
Natalia Bacariza Danguilleco ESP $1,460
Beatrice Marineau USA $1,400
Neve Myburgh GER $1,260
Jacqueline MacDonald Cuddy GBR $1,240
Ava MacCoubrey CAN $1,200
Lisa Widmayer GER $1,200
Bianca Berktold USA $1,170
Codi Harrison USA $1,080
Susanne Hamilton USA $1,020
Molly Paris USA $1,000