Brittany Fraser & All In Take Ottawa CDI3* St. Georges With Pair’s Highest Ever Score

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Brittany Fraser and All In on. ©
Brittany Fraser and All In on. ©

OTTAWA, Ontario, May 29, 2015–Brittany Fraser on All In moved closer to securing a place on Canada’s Pan American Games team with victory in the CDI Prix St. Georges Friday on a score of 74.474 per cent that is the highest for the pair in more than two years in any small tour competitions including the Intermediate Freestyle.

Brittany and the 10-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding received a mark of 76.974 per cent from Elizabeth McMullen of Canada and a low of 72.632 per cent from Jane Weatherwax of the United States but two German judges each gave the pair identical marks of 73.947 per cent.

Diane Creech on Robbie W who has led Equine Canada’s Pan American Games small tour standings for the year placed second on 73.105 per cent with Chris von Martels on Zilverstar who slipped back to third in the standings from second place last week scored 71.921 per cent for third place.

The 26-year-old Brittany has saved the best performances for All In until the last month when the pair moved up from sixth in the standings to second before the start of this show and, depending on the results from Saturday’s Intermediate 1 could move to the top of the leaderboard.

On Furio, she was on the highest placing Canadian team at the 2007 North American Young Rider Championships.

She had planned to move All In to Grand Prix this year but on the advice of her coach, top Canadian rider Ashley Holzer, she delayed until after the Pan Ams.

The Int. 1 is the final competition to count for the standings ahead of selection of the team of four riders and horses for the Pan Ams that will be held in Toronto in mid-July. The championships are held once every four years.

Qualification criteria counts the four best scores but must include at least one from Prix St. Georges and Intermediate 1 that will both be required for the Pan Ams.

The Games will implement mixed Big and Small Tour combinations for the first time, and teams competing for a place at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro must include a Grand Prix horse at the Pan Ams.

However, teams that do not win the single Olympic spot can qualify one rider from the Pan Ams and can seek to qualify two other pairs in rankings so that would give them a right to form a “composite” team.


Prix St. Georges

E: McMullen – CAN H: Nivelle – GER C: Whitham – CAN M: Ebert – GER B: Weatherwax – USA
Rider Nation Horse E . H . C . M . B T Pl.
Fraser, Brittany CAN All In 76.974 73.947 74.868 73.947 72.632 74.474 1
Creech, Diane CAN Robbie W. 72.895 74.079 72.895 73.421 72.237 73.105 2
Von Martels, Chris  CAN Zilverstar 73.553 73.289 69.868 70.395 72.500 71.921 3
Dueck, Shannon CAN Cantaris 73.947 71.842 68.684 70.921 69.342 70.947 4
Creech, Diane CAN Hallmark 3 68.684 66.711 66.974 63.421 69.474 67.053 5
Reid, Leslie CAN Fine and Smart 66.053 67.105 66.842 65.921 67.500 66.684 6
Mendoza Loor Mendoza Loor, Julio Cesar ECU Chardonnay 65.395 66.447 65.132 69.079 66.316 66.474 0
Strasser, Evi  CAN Rigaudon Tyme 62.895 66.316 63.026 68.947 65.395 65.316 0
Losos de Muniz, Yvonne  DOM Urban 62.632 63.421 64.737 64.079 65.000 63.974 0
Thomson, Melanie CAN Donnegan 61.974 64.342 63.289 66.316 63.421 63.868 0
Steacie, Elizabeth  CAN Callahan 63.553 61.316 63.289 61.842 62.368 62.474 0
Brent, Robin lynn CAN Biolek 59.868 62.105 60.658 61.579 58.553 60.553 0
Murphy, Bethanne CAN Furst Rubilo 60.789 59.737 57.105 57.763 60.789 59.237 0
Lazzuri Neto, Oswaldo BRA Cluseau 59.211 57.632 51.447 59.079 57.105 56.895 0