USA’s Ayden Uhlir & Sjapoer Win North American Young Rider Championships Freestyle for 2nd Gold, Laurence Blais Tetreault Captures Junior Freestyle Gold

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Laurence Blais Tetreault wins her second gold medal at the North American FEI Junior Freestyle Championships. © 2013
Laurence Blais Tetreault wins her second gold medal at the North American FEI Junior Freestyle Championships. © 2013

LEXINGTON, Kentucky, July 20–Ayden Uhlir of the United States on Sjapoer won the North American Young Rider Championships Freestyle gold medal Saturday to go with the Individual gold and team silver she took home from this year’s event. Laurence Blais Tetreault, a Junior from Montreal captured the Freestyle gold to add to her team gold.

The highest score of the day went to Ayden, 18, of Kirkland, Washington and her 14-year-old KWPN gelding by Contango also posted the high score of the day, 72.175 per cent.

Ayden showed no loss of concentration when her music went out as she and Sjapoer did tempi changes on the diagonal and when the music was restored the pair was in time and finished as her music ended.

“I’m pretty happy with it even though my music went out,” she said. “Two years ago I probably would have had a conniption, but I think it shows progress that I kept my cool.

“I was on time with my music when it went out. I just stayed on my exact pace. I knew that when the music would come back on, I’d be where I was supposed to be. I didn’t let the music affect me in any way. I knew my pattern, I just rode it, and it all worked out in the end.”

Dressage Young Rider Freestyle medalists: Jamie Pestana,silver; Ayden Uhlir, gold and Tanya Strasser Shostak bronze. © 2013
Dressage Young Rider Freestyle medalists: Jamie Pestana,silver; Ayden Uhlir, gold and Tanya Strasser Shostak bronze. © 2013

She revamped her Freestyle music for Sjapoer since last year and this was the first time they performed the new version in competition. “This year I wanted to do something that was maybe a little bit classier,” she said. “I really think it fits Sjapoer really well. He just has that special quality about him that makes him so fancy. We needed to find the music that fits his personality and not the music that I just wanted to get. I’m really happy with my Freestyle.”

After winning Individual gold Friday, she “didn’t have any expectations at all” for today. I had to forget about yesterday and I was riding a completely new day. It worked well because I didn’t feel as much pressure and was focusing on what we had to do at that moment. I was very happy and it was a good end to our last Young Riders year.”

Jamie Pestana, 20, Livermore, California and Winzalot won silver with a score of 70.975 per cent to go with the silver the pair won in the Individual competition and the gold she led her team to earlier in the week.

“I was pretty happy with my test,” she said. “There were a few things that could have gone better, but overall I was really happy with his attitude. He really likes his extended trots, so those were fun. Some of his tempis were good today. He felt really rideable.”

Her pop rock music included tracks from Nickelback, Pink, and the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack. “It really clicked with Winzalot; he kind of picked the music for me,” she said.

After this success, they are “taking it slow and seeing” what future plans will be. “Usually when I try to make plans with my horse, they go awry,” she said. “We’ll see how the year of training goes.”

Bronze went to Tanya Strasser Shostak, 18, St. Adele, Quebec on Action Tyme, a 13-year-old Oldenburg stallion by Aktuell with a score of 70.500 per cent.

Action Tyme has been competing at Grand Prix for years with Tanya’s mother, Evi Strasser, and it took time and convincing for Tanya to get the ride on him. They became a pair just two months ago.

“We purchased him when he was five and I rode him then,” she said. “I always loved him because he’s got the best personality. I’ve been trying to convince her for quite a few years, probably eight years now, to let me compete him. She said when her other horse is ready for Grand Prix she would let me ride Action Tyme. She held up her end of the deal, so I couldn’t be happier right now.”

Tanya took a Freestyle test from another horse and when it “suited him quite well,” they adjusted it to fit Action Tyme. This week,the pair was fifth in the Individual class and fourth with her team. “I definitely had high expectations, maybe not with the horse, but with myself,” she said. “As the days went on, I really wanted it more because I was always so close. I tried to go for the scores, and it paid off.”

Laurence Blais Tetreault, 16, of Montreal repeated as Junior Freestyle champion with Naima Moreira Laliberte also of Montreal taking silver and Barbara Davis of Bedminster, New Jersey winning bronze.

In 2012, Laurence was the Junior Freestyle Gold medalist, and while she was on a different horse this year, she was able to repeat the accomplishment. Riding Lowelas, a 13-year-old Trakehner gelding by Hockey 41, she scored a 71.525 per cent for the win.

Tretreault chose her music and put it together with her sister Mathilde, who competed here as a Young Rider.

Going home with another gold medal, she said, “just means so much because you realize when you put a lot of time practicing at home that it pays off so much. It’s just really great.”

Naima and Windbreaker 3, a 12-year-old Westfalen gelding by Windspiel were competing with little experience with their Freestyle. Their partnership is only three months old and the music had been chosen for another horse.

Barbara Davis rode to her first medal in her first time at NAJYRC with Rotano, her 12-year-old Hanoverian gelding by Rotspon. Their score of 69.875 per cent gave them bronze medal.

Barbara picked her “techno pop” music and prepared it two weeks ago.

“This is the first time I’ve competed with this particular music,” she said. “I rode it three or four times at our barn. I’ve listened to it the entire day today to get the transitions. I was really comfortable with it because I only changed the trot music.”


Young Rider Freestyle

E: Maurel – FRA H: Zang – USA C: Ayers – USA M: Richenhagen – GER B: Fransen-Iacobaeus – SWE
Rider Nation Horse E % H % C % M % B % T % Pl.
Uhlir (Reg 6), Ayden USA Sjapoer 74.000% 68.375% 73.625% 73.625% 71.250% 72.175% 1
Pestana (Reg 7), Jamie USA Winzalot 66.625% 70.250% 70.750% 74.750% 72.500% 70.975% 2
Shostak (Can QC), Tanya Strasser CAN Action Tyme 68.500% 72.875% 70.250% 73.000% 67.875% 70.500% 3
Wycoff (Reg 5), Devon USA Power Play 66.125% 68.000% 70.500% 73.750% 71.625% 70.000% 4
Holme (Can BC), Sydney CAN Day Dreamer 71.250% 66.500% 72.125% 69.250% 69.625% 69.750% 5
Blythe (Reg 1), Kaitlin USA Daverden 67.250% 68.250% 69.000% 71.875% 66.250% 68.525% 6
Thomas (Reg 7), Ariel USA Montfleury 68.875% 64.375% 64.375% 72.250% 71.625% 68.300% 7
Weston, Jillian CAN Focus 66.875% 68.000% 67.125% 70.625% 66.500% 67.825% 8
Child (Reg 5), Amelia USA Veto 68.250% 66.500% 65.750% 71.250% 65.750% 67.500% 9
Pepper (Reg 7), Jaclyn USA Taboo 64.500% 67.375% 66.125% 67.750% 69.375% 67.025% 10
Julian-Simoes (Reg 2), Rosemary USA Proteus 64.375% 68.000% 63.250% 70.875% 67.250% 66.750% 0
Eastridge (Reg 6), Molly USA Donnerspiel 65.375% 64.750% 65.000% 69.125% 64.375% 65.725% 0
Lahey (Reg 6), Sadie USA Up To Date P 64.000% 60.625% 68.750% 64.750% 63.625% 64.350% 0
Hershaft (Reg 5), Talia USA Westfalica 62.500% 62.750% 63.250% 67.250% 63.875% 63.925% 0
Sutton (Can ON), Anneka CAN Donnegan 58.875% 56.125% 60.250% 63.625% 62.500% 60.275% 0


 Junior Freestyle
E: Campdera – MEX H: Macartney – CAN C: Foy – USA M: Steiner – USA B: Jena – SWE
Rider Nation Horse E % H % C % M % B % T % Pl.
Blais Tetreault (Can QC), Laurence CAN Lowelas 69.750% 70.875% 72.750% 73.375% 70.875% 71.525% 1
Moreira Laliberte (Can QC), Naima CAN Windbreaker 3 70.625% 73.000% 69.750% 70.750% 71.875% 71.200% 2
Davis (Reg 1), Barbara USA Rotano 70.875% 69.500% 69.250% 70.250% 69.500% 69.875% 3
Naness (Reg 7), Rison USA Venezia 68.000% 71.000% 71.375% 69.625% 68.375% 69.675% 4
Holleger (Reg 3), Lindsey USA Friedensfurst 62.375% 66.500% 67.625% 70.750% 71.500% 67.750% 5
Kent (Reg 3), Mallory USA Okidokie 67.875% 64.750% 68.750% 70.375% 66.875% 67.725% 6
Schmidt (Reg 9), Cassie USA Velasquer 67.625% 68.750% 66.500% 65.750% 63.875% 66.500% 7
Cooper (Reg 8), Hope USA Don Diamond 66.625% 63.125% 70.125% 66.500% 66.000% 66.475% 8
Boucher (CAN QC), Betrice CAN Dante 65.250% 68.250% 68.000% 66.875% 63.375% 66.350% 9
Zeilinger (Reg7), Olivia USA Stentano 63.500% 67.625% 67.375% 62.250% 66.875% 65.525% 10
Barteau (Reg 2), Kayla USA GP Ubilee 63.500% 64.875% 69.625% 65.125% 62.875% 65.200% 0
Tooke (CAN AB/BC), Georgia CAN Magic 62.250% 65.125% 62.375% 63.375% 60.000% 62.625% 0
Beckers (Reg 9), Kalie USA Carush 58.500% 62.500% 63.250% 62.625% 62.000% 61.775% 0
Cohen (Reg 8), Giulia USA Lasserre 59.500% 62.000% 63.125% 60.625% 62.750% 61.600% 0
Zepernick (Reg 9), Mattie USA Wencenza 0.000% 0.000% 0.000% 0.000% 0.000% 0.000% 0
Glumac (Reg 7), Gabriela USA Zodessa 0.000% 0.000% 0.000% 0.000% 0.000% 0.000% 0