Wearing Team Loyalties on Horses

10 years ago StraightArrow Comments Off on Wearing Team Loyalties on Horses
"Go K C," clipped on side of horse declaring support for the NFL Kansas City Chiefs who beat San Diego Chargers Monday nght

Riders at the barn of Steffen Peters, an avid fan of the NFL San Diego Chargers, are not letting him forget the ignominous defeat in overtime at the hands of the the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night.

Young rider Brandi Roenick who trains at the San Diego barn clipped sentiments on the side of her horse that were bound to rub in the defeat when quarterback Phil Rivers fumbled a handoff that, well… if you’re a Chargers fan it may be one of the biggest gaffe’s in the team’s history, and if you’re not, enjoy Randi’s message.

Now if I can convince my Australian wife to clip on our horses “Go Giants” for my New York team leading he NFC East.