Astrix 7 & Emmelie Scholtens Win 6-year-old Verden qualifier

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VERDEN, Germany, Aug. 5–Current Young Horse world champion, the KWPN stallion Astrix 7, ridden masterfully by Emmelie Scholtens left no doubt Friday that they are trying to make it two in a row at the World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses. The expressive and extraordinarily elegant stallion took the lead well before the second half of the class and could not be caught. Astrix 7 (Obelisk x Olivi) has certainly developed in a pleasing way since his win as five-year-old in 2010. He shows great adjustabilty in his gaits and made the lateral work look fluid and easy.

Winners of the six-year-old qualifier, Astrix 7 and Emmelie Scholtens © ilse schwarz/

His uphill swinging trot, with tremendous freedom in his shoulder, scored 9.20, the walk 9.50 and his huge canter a 9.20. Submission 8.70, this score was likely affected by a not diagonal rein back, and overall impression 9.20. Final score 9.16

Astrix and Emmelie Schultens demonstrated seamless transitions from collected to huge extended canter © ilse schwarz/

The six-year-old horses continued the trend seen Thursday of an incredibly strong group of youngsters.

There were few mistakes to be seen through the entire class and I was personally surprised and delighted at the execution of both the halt and rein back and the flying changes, both movements difficult enough with youngsters! The judges continued to reward combinations who demonstrated  powerful work that was also fluid and supple.

Presidents Avanti and Laurens van Lieren © ilse schwarz/

The quality of horses continued throughout the class with both the second ranked Presidents Avanti, shown by a delighted Laurens van Lieren, and third placed St Emilion 2, shown by Dorothee Schneider, competing at the end of the class.

The KWPN stallion, Presidents Avanti (United x Farrington), showed great cadence and control through all the trot work, 8.70, the walk scored 9.00 and the ground covering, uphill canter extensions contributed to a canter score of 8.70. Final score 8.80

St Emilion 2 and Dorothee Schneider. © ilse schwarz/

Scoring only fractionally less was the Westfalian gelding St Emilion 2 (Sandro Hit x Ehrenwort). Dorothee Schneider is the consummate show rider, coaxing the most out of her horses without obvious effort. This obviously contributed to the general impression score, 9.00. trot, 9.00; walk 8.00; canter 8.90. final score 8.78.

Ratzinger V and Jennifer Hoffmann are delighted to participate in the award ceremony for the group winners © ilse schwarz/

Jennifer Hoffman from Encinitas, California continued to make history for the USA finishing in eighth place on her own stallion Ratzinger V (Riccione x Pablo). Jennifer has been based in Germany this year and was delighted to receive scores Friday that were similar to those she achieved at the qualifiers. The trot work was a highlight with impressive cadence and ground covering, supple half passes (8.80). Some small mistakes affected the canter (8.50) and submission (8.00) scores to give her a final score of 8.36. Ratzinger V was also the winner of the fourth group of horses. Each group winner is automatically qualified for the finals.

De Champ OLD ridden by Anja Engelbart to win the 5-year-old consolation final. © 2011 ilse schwarz/

De Champ OLD ridden by Germany’s Anja Engelbart won the consolation final for five-year-olds with a score of 9.14, with Fürstenball OLD ridden by fellow German Ines Westendarp second on 8.98 and TC Beau Deux with The Netherlands’ Geert-Jan Raateland third on 8.04.

Prize of Gestütes Es Fangar, Mallorca
Int. dressage competition for young horses
1st qualifying competition 6-year old horses
Placed competitors
1. 39 Astrix Scholtens, Emmelie NED 380 EUR Wertnote 9.16
R 6-j.H v.Obelisk/M.v.Olivi/KWPN/102ZN63/B: Stal Perlee,
2. 631 Presidents Avanti Lieren, Laurens van NED 300 EUR Wertnote 8.8
B 6-j.H v.United/M.v.Farrington/KWPN/103IA54/B: Kooiman,C. & President Dressage S
3. 785 St. Emilion Schneider, Dorothee GER 220 EUR Wertnote 8.78
R 6-j.H v.Sandro Hit/M.v.Ehrenwort/WESTF/103HL99/B: Ullrich,Christina
4. 547 Lezard Bouten, Matthias GER 160 EUR Wertnote 8.7
F 6-j.W v.Lord Loxley I/M.v.Riccione/RHLD/103HL97/B: Winter-Schulze,Madeleine
5. 832 Torveslettens Stamina Helgstrand, Andreas DEN 100 EUR Wertnote 8.64
SCHI 6-j.S v.Stedinger/M.v.Carano/DK/102ZM91/B: Rugaard,Pernille
6. 17 I.P.S. Amazing Star Hanzon, Theo NED 90 EUR Wertnote 8.42
DB 6-j.H v.Flemmingh/M.v.Ferro/KWPN/103IA64/B: Uytert,J.M. van
7. 251 Damon Jerome Gräf, Uta GER 80 EUR Wertnote 8.4
F 6-j.H v.Damon Hill/M.v.Guy Laroche/RHLD/102ZR87/B: Hitschold Prof.Dr.,Thomas
8. 660 Ratzinger V Hoffmann, Jennifer USA 58 EUR Wertnote 8.36
DB 6-j.H v.Riccione/M.v.Pablo/OE.WB/B: Hoffmann,Jennifer
8. 478 Horatio Schneider, Dorothee GER 58 EUR Wertnote 8.36
R 6-j.W v.Hochadel/M.v.Matcho AA/HANN/103HM07/B: Dressurstall Rothenberger/Erlenh
10. 723 Schickeria Langehanenberg, Helen GER 53 EUR Wertnote 8.34
F 6-j.S v.Sir Donnerhall I/M.v.Weltmeyer/WESTF/103HH09/B: Max-Theurer,Elisabeth
10. 488 I.P.S. Don Massimo Pauluis, Larissa BEL 53 EUR Wertnote 8.34
DB 6-j.H v.Don Larino/M.v.Santander H/OLD/102ZE56/B: Pauluis,Larissa
12. 490 Isac Telde, Minna SWE 50 EUR Wertnote 8.3
B 6-j.H v.Hip Hop/M.v.Master/S.WBL/102ZW12/B: Telde,Minna
Other, non-placed competitors
13. 36 Aston Martin Laarakkers, Christa NED Wertnote 8.28
F 6-j.H v.Uphill/M.v.Cabochon/KWPN/102WS24/B: Norel,G.W. van
13. 2 Aaron Freund, Jana GER Wertnote 8.28
DF 6-j.H v.Florencio I/M.v.Record/KWPN/B: Livens,Louis
15. 778 Soulmate Kirchhoff, Senta GER Wertnote 8.26
DB 6-j.W v.Sandro Hit/M.v.Calypso II/HANN/103HM63/B: Kirchhoff,Senta
16. 880 Zlatan M.Ge Rinne, Malin SWE Wertnote 8.14
DB 6-j.W v.Riccione/M.v.Don Schufro/S.WBL/103HK30/B: Andersson u.Milstead,
17. 16 Alonzo Schelstraete, Jonna NED Wertnote 8.12
SCHWB 6-j.H v.Contango/M.v.Ferro/KWPN/103IA62/B: Dalhoeve de & Schelstraete Paard
18. 825 TC Athene Maree, Gerdine NED Wertnote 8.1
F 6-j.H v.United/M.v.Jazz/KWPN/103IA34/B: Coomans,T.J.M. & Maree,G.M.
19. 420 Freak Blue Phantom OLD Möller, Kristine DEN Wertnote 8.04
B 6-j.H v.Florencio I/M.v.Feinbrand/OLD/102ZF03/B: Thorsen,Jens
20. 43 Avans Poturaeva, Inessa RUS Wertnote 7.9
B 6-j.W v.Aromats/M.v.Gudvils/LETW/102YV83/B: Poturaeva,Inessa
21. 468 Heslegard’s Rismon Damm-Frydenberg, Michala DEN Wertnote 7.88
SCHI 5-j.H v.Heslegard’s Rubin/M.v.Heslegards Louis/DK/103HV37/B: Johnsen,Niels u
22. 55 Bartlgut’s Duccio Prunthaller, Ulrike AUT Wertnote 7.86
B 6-j.H v.Dimaggio/M.v.Coriograf B/OE.WB/102ZU64/B: Schmidt,Edda u.Wenzel
23. 37 Aston Martin Hvalsoe Saul, John DEN Wertnote 7.74
SCHWB 6-j.H v.Monteverdi/M.v.Sixtus/TRAK./102ZM85/B: Andersen,Lone
24. 831 Tobajo Pik Disney Hestengen, Trude NOR Wertnote 7.68
F 6-j.H v.Tobajo Picez/M.v.Walt Disney I/NOR.W./102QS17/B: Ottsson & Mjolnerod,
25. 862 Wellington Högberg, Jeanna SWE Wertnote 7.64
B 6-j.H v.Weltman (SWE)/M.v.Campari M/S.WBL/102ZV49/B: Absolut Dental AB,
26. 249 Dalou Shan Stegars, Terhi FIN Wertnote 7.62
F 6-j.H v.De Kooning/M.v.Westerland/OLD/103FZ03/B: Kayser,Tanja
27. 397 Flash Dancer I.M. Haid Bondergaard, Charlotte SWE Wertnote 7.6
B 6-j.H v.Don Romantic/M.v.Tip-Top/BWP/B: Majewska,Iwona
28. 477 Honnerups Ecstacy Straarup, Lotte DEN Wertnote 7.34
SCHWB 6-j.S v.Romanov Blue Hors/M.v.Kalahari/DK/103HV28/B: Stutteri Honnerup,
29. 448 Grand Passion Cantin, Serge FRA Wertnote 7.24
B 6-j.H v.Oliver Twist/M.v.Polarion/TRAK./102XX99/B: Brune,Bernadette
30. 690 Rousseau’s Topas Missiaen, Simon BEL Wertnote 7.14
B 6-j.H v.Rousseau/M.v.Rohdiamant/OLD/102XD76/B: Van Hove, Carlo
31. 854 Vivelstads Renoir Hansson, Mette NOR Wertnote 7.04
F 6-j.H v.De Noir/M.v.Resident/NOR.W./103HB80/B: Hansson,Mette
32. 675 Rock’n Roll Star Limousin, Philippe FRA Wertnote 6.96
B 6-j.H v.Joeris/M.v.Jazz/SF/102ZG26/B: S.C.E.A. Limousin,
33. 692 Royal Coeur Martin-Tucker, Marne USA Wertnote 6.92
F 6-j.S v.Royal Hit/M.v.Le Coeur/OLD/B: Martin-Tucker,Marne
34. 590 Lyra del Castegno Cola, Elena ITA Wertnote 6.82
B 6-j.S v.His Highness/M.v.Weltmeyer/ITA.W/103HG60/B: Cola,Elena
35. 600 New Hill Julitrea Florin, Patricia FIN Wertnote 6.52
F 6-j.S v.Revan/M.v.Alcatraz/FIN.WB./B: New Hill Ltd.oy.Ab.,
36. 677 Rolling Stone Sangiorgi, Pierluigi ITA eliminated
F 6-j.H v.Rotspon/M.v.Donnerhall/HANN/103HH92/B: Montanari,Francesca
Data of competition:
Judges: S.Baarup Total prize money:
M.Santos Redondo