Verden top 10, more or less, 5-year-olds in pictures

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Woodlander Farouche extraordinary trot extension. Michael Eilberg, 24, credits his father, Ferdi Eilberg, for his basis in classical training © ilse schwarz/
The breeder of Woodlander Farouche, Lynne Crowden, thought that as a four-year-old "Farouche was a glamourous young horse, now she's a super model. © ilse schwarz/"
Pouring rain seemed not to dampen the performance of Damon's Divene © ilse schwarz/
Damon's Divene and Helen Langehanenberg shine in the sunlight during awards © ilse schwarz/
Swing De Hus, a super fun combination to watch © ilse schwarz/
IPS Bon Bravour received 8.60 for his canter © ilse schwarz/
The youthful Belgian rider, Tom Franckx-Goen was delighted, and maybe even a little overwhelmed by the performance of IPS Bon Bravour © ilse schwarz/
Bretton Woods 2 was a tall leggy sensation when he made his three-year-old debut in stallion shows. Two years later he has matured into a magnificent leggy stallion. Although his trot scored 9.0 Thursday, tension affected his walk and he had to be satisfied with 6th place © ilse schwarz/
Jennifer Hoffmann, USA, thanks Florentinus V for giving her an expressive test that showed off the stallion's rideability. © ilse schwarz/
Moments of tension for Sunday NRW kept him 0.02 from being in the top 10. © ilse schwarz/
Sunday NRW was able to release that tension after his final halt at X. © ilse schwarz/
Furstenball 2 and Ines Westendarp qualified for the finals through the small final. The issues with the connection evident on day 1 had been taken care of by day 2. A beautiful expressive test from this young superstar stallion. ©ilse schwarz/