British mare Woodlander Farouche wins World Young Horse 5-year-old qualifier

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VERDEN, Germany, Aug. 4–Britain continues their tremendous rise in the world of dressage with a convincing win in the five-year-old qualifying division by the exquisite mare Woodlander Farouche (Furst Heinrich x Dinaggio) ridden beautifully by Michael George Eilberg at the World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses Thursday.

Woodlander Farouche, clear winner of the 5-year-old qualifying division. © 2011 Ilse Schwarz/

In a test that was filled with power, expression and relaxation, a quality often missing in these young horse classes, the mare took the lead quite early in the class (she was the 13th out of 36 entries) and could not be touched. All three gaits scored over 9.0, trot 9.50, walk 9.70, canter, 9.20. Submission 8.50 and general impression 9.50 for a total of 9.28.

In second place was another mare, the Westfalen bred Damon’s Divene (Damon Hill x Rubin Royal) ridden by Helen Langehanenberg, a rider also known for producing horses without the use of tension, final score 8.76.

Tied for third were the KWPN stallion, IPS Bon Bravour (Painted Black x Chronos) and the Hannoverian stallion Swing de Hus (San Remo x Wonderland). IPS Bon Bravour, ridden by a delighted Tom Franckx-Goen of Belgium, is a stallion with enormous gaits and expression but occasional unsteadiness in the frame which affected the final submission mark. Swing De Hus was ridden by Jessica Michel of France and were a really fun combination to watch. The stallion has an extravagant front leg in the trot and a huge walk. Final score for these stallions was 8.64.

In keeping with the spread of nations involved in the top ten, Jennifer Hoffman from Encinitas, California, but has been based in Germany for this year, presented her own Westfalen stallion, Florentinus V (Florestan x Londonderry) to finish in eighth place with a score of 8.42. The highlight was the trot (9.0).

Jennifer Hoffmann riding her own Florentinus V. © 2011 Ilse Schwarz/

This was another combination that showed expression without tension, a quality it seems the judges are seeking in this year’s competition.

Prize of Spedition Jerich International
Int. dressage competition for young horses
1st qualifying competition 5-year old horses
Test: FEI Preliminary Test for 5-year old horses, Edition 2009
Placed competitors
1. 876 Woodlander Farouche Eilberg, Michael George GBR 380 EUR Wertnote 9.28
F 5-j.S v.Fürst Heinrich/M.v.Dimaggio/GB/103DV59/B: L.Crowden/A.Waltson/S.Eilberg
2. 252 Damon’s Divene Langehanenberg, Helen GER 300 EUR Wertnote 8.76
F 5-j.S v.Damon Hill/M.v.Rubin-Royal/WESTF/103HG97/B: Becks,Christian
3. 487 IPS Bon Bravour Franckx-Goen, Tom BEL 190 EUR Wertnote 8.64
B 5-j.H v.Painted Black I/M.v.Chronos/KWPN/103HP74/B: IPS Horse Group,
3. 815 Swing de Hus Michel, Jessica FRA 190 EUR Wertnote 8.64
R 5-j.H v.San Remo/M.v.Wonderland/HANN/103DP59/B: Michel,Jessica
5. 41 Atterupgaard’s Final Kiss Henningsen, Sanne DEN 100 EUR Wertnote 8.62
R 5-j.H v.French Kiss/M.v.Diamond/DK/103HV29/B: Munkedal Aps,
6. 90 Bretton Woods Scholtens, Emmelie NED 90 EUR Wertnote 8.56
R 5-j.H v.Johnson/M.v.De Niro/KWPN/103HV24/B: Fam. van Limpt
7. 742 Showtime Schneider, Dorothee GER 80 EUR Wertnote 8.52
DB 5-j.W v.Sandro Hit/M.v.Rotspon/HANN/B: Kippert,Gabriele
8. 403 Florentinus V Hoffmann, Jennifer USA 58 EUR Wertnote 8.42
DB 5-j.H v.Florestan I/M.v.Londonderry/WESTF/B: Hoffmann,Jennifer
8. 85 Borencio Scholtens, Emmelie NED 58 EUR Wertnote 8.42
B 5-j.H v.Florencio I/M.v.Lord Sinclair I/KWPN/103HV35/B: Collins,A. & Elias,A.
10. 86 Bosten Minderhoud, Hans Peter NED 55 EUR Wertnote 8.18
DB 5-j.H v.Johnson/M.v.Quattro B/KWPN/B: Minderhoud,Hans Peter
11. 812 Sunday NRW Wilimzig, Anja GER 50 EUR Wertnote 8.16
DB 5-j.H v.Sandro Hit/M.v.Donnerhall/WESTF/103HJ31/B: Nordrhein-Westf. Landgestüt
12. 603 N.O.H.’S Daijoubo Helgstrand, Andreas DEN 50 EUR Wertnote 8.12
B 5-j.W v.Daddy Cool/M.v.Picandt/DK/103HV48/B: Stutteri N.O.H.,
13. 65 Bellman Svanberg, Anna SWE 50 EUR Wertnote 7.96
F 5-j.H v.Hermes/S.WBL/B: Österberg u.Wilhelmsson,
14. 475 Hojersmindes Rolex Dupont, Rikke DEN 50 EUR Wertnote 7.94
DB 5-j.W v.Romanov Blue Hors/M.v.Don Schufro/DK/103HV23/B: Hansen,Allan Kenet
14. 864 Weltjunge CH Graf, Markus SUI 50 EUR Wertnote 7.94
B 5-j.H v.Weltfeuer/M.v.Linaro/CH.WB/103FU65/B: Borel,Gisele
14. 375 Fairytale Bache, Isabel NOR 50 EUR Wertnote 7.94
B 5-j.H v.Fidertanz/M.v.Quattro B/OLD/B: EGI-S Equi Global Invest Sporthorse
Other, non-placed competitors
17. 818 Tabasco Svanberg, Anna SWE Wertnote 7.92
B 5-j.H v.Topaasch/M.v.Sack/S.WBL/B: Lundberg Persson und Verbena AB,
18. 279 De Champ Engelbart, Anja GER Wertnote 7.9
DB 5-j.H v.Daddy Cool/M.v.Caprimond/OLD/B: Schockemöhle,Paul
19. 430 Fürstenball Westendarp, Ines GER Wertnote 7.88
SCHWB 5-j.H v.Fürst Heinrich/M.v.Donnerhall/OLD/B: BG Hendriksen u.Schockemöhle,
20. 287 Delaunay Kopf, Sandra AUT Wertnote 7.84
B 5-j.W v.Dr.Doolittle/M.v.Feinbrand/OLD/103HO85/B: Kopf,Sandra
21. 798 Stasia EG Tourbier, Matthias DEN Wertnote 7.7
B 5-j.S v.Stedinger/M.v.Akinos/DK/103HV26/B: Juul Severinsen,Louise Marie
22. 332 Donna Primera Recoing, Guillaume FRA Wertnote 7.68
B 5-j.S v.Don Primero/M.v.Ex Libris/OLD/103GO48/B: Caplain Saint Andre,Marina
23. 704 Sabrina V Kyrö, Siiri FIN Wertnote 7.62
F 5-j.S v.San Remo/M.v.Weltmeyer/HANN/B: Kyrö,Siiri
24. 93 Brooklyn Vugt, Cindy van NED Wertnote 7.6
B 5-j.S v.United/M.v.Havidoff/KWPN/103HX61/B: Knipping,P.
24. 606 Novia Michalke, Victoria GER Wertnote 7.6
B 5-j.S v.Stedinger/M.v.Alabaster/BAY/103HH35/B: Michalke,Susanne
26. 669 Rigoletto Vidal Testal, Juan Manuel ESP Wertnote 7.56
SCH 5-j.H v.Royal Diamond/M.v.Don Bosco/HANN/103ED87/B: Alvarez,Maria Jose
27. 305 Dirty Lady-P Kowalski, Tomasz POL Wertnote 7.14
F 5-j.S v.Corleone Z/M.v.Dysk/POL./B: Kowalski,Tomasz
27. 53 Barcelona Runesson, Mia SWE Wertnote 7.14
B 5-j.S v.Figaro R/M.v.Bernstein/S.WBL/B: Runesson,Per
29. 592 Manchego ARB Dorado Martinez, Angel ESP Wertnote 7.12
B 5-j.H v.Gumiel/M.v.Ilustre VII/PRE/103FV93/B: Becerril,Antonio Rubio
30. 826 TC Beau Deux Raateland, Geert-Jan NED Wertnote 7.1
DB 5-j.S v.Ravel/M.v.Gouverneur/KWPN/103IA53/B: Raateland,Geert-Jan & Coomans,T.J
31. 58 Before you know Sekreve, Jennifer NED Wertnote 6.94
B 5-j.H v.Scandic/M.v.Krack C/KWPN/103HV19/B: Hamminga,J. & Röst,L.H.
32. 965 Butopiar Tillmann, Sirly EST Wertnote 6.84
DF 5-j.H v.Johnson/M.v.Cocktail/KWPN/103GS03/B: Leg Capital Ltd,
33. 60 Believe in Me Mazurek, Karolina POL Wertnote 6.62
B 5-j.H v.Pegasus SHB/M.v.Lord Alexander/POL./103HS06/B: Mazurek,Pawel
34. 699 Rubin Black Krcmarova, Dita CZE Wertnote 6.6
DB 5-j.H v.Refurstinels/M.v.Dream of Glory/TSCH.W./103HK07/B: Farma Chotetice s.r
35. 830 The Jumping Frog Bertoli, Evelina ITA Wertnote 6.36
F 5-j.W v.Fergar Mail (Chapultepec la Si/M.v.Laguna AA/ITA.W/103HO87/B: Az.Agr.Ca
36. 106 Calvin di Vallerano Testi, Martina ITA Wertnote 6.3
SCHI 5-j.W v.Come On/M.v.Silvio I/ITA.W/103EA79/B: Testi,Martina
Data of competition:
Judges: A.Frömming Total prize money:
1801 EUR