First Ever WEG Dutch Team Gold, Great Britain Beats Germany for Silver, USA 4th

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Dutch gold medal team of Adelinde Cornelissen, Imke Schellekens-Bartels, Hans Peter Minderhoud and Edward Gal with Chef d'Equipe Sjef Janssen. © 2010 Ken Braddick/
Dutch gold medal team of Adelinde Cornelissen, Imke Schellekens-Bartels, Hans Peter Minderhoud and Edward Gal with Chef d'Equipe Sjef Janssen. © 2010 Ken Braddick/


LEXINGTON, Kentucky, Sept. 28–The vaunted Dutch team led by Edward Gal and Moorlands Totilas lived up to their billing by capturing their first ever gold medal at a World Equestrian Games despite the dramatic disqualification of Adelinde Cornelissen and Jerich Parzival for a tiny nick on the tongue that drew blood at the start of their Grand Prix ride.

Great Britain beat perennial powerhouse Germany for the silver medal while a plucky but inexperienced USA team came  fourth and within 2.467 percentage points of pulling off a miracle in perhaps the most competitive and exciting world championships held once every four years and the first time outside Europe.

The medals were undecided until the ride by Steffen Peters and Ravel, the last of the 65 riders to start the two-day competition, finished third individually on 78.596 per cent behind Edward and Totilas on 84.043 per cent and British superstar Laura Bechtolsheimer and Mistral Hojris on 82.511 per cent. Complete team and individual results are below.

At the end of the team competition, it was clear that the spectators–generous in their applause for all rides–showed their appreciation for the level of competition.

All three top finishers received standing ovations from the crowd in the main arena of the Kentucky Horse Park for the finale of the team competition. It drew the biggest crowd so far to the WEG, 24,237, double the figure for Sunday and Monday and more than for the opening ceremony.

Steffen Peters and Ravel receiving a standing ovation. © 2010 Ken Braddick/
Steffen Peters and Ravel receiving a standing ovation. © 2010 Ken Braddick/

Amazing performances, high drama, tears of joy and heart break and an abundance of great sportsmanship were the highlights of these world championships. Even questions about substantial discrepancies in the scores of the five judges were answered with candor, an admission the judging was “not good enough” and a pledge to get to work immediately to thrash out the differences before Wednesday’s Grand Prix Special.

Thirty-one combinations made it through to the Grand Prix Special.including all four members of the Dutch, British and German teams. Steffen and Ravel, Tina Konyot and Calecto V and Katherine Bateson-Chandler of the USA qualified, as did Ashley Holzer and Pop Art and Belinda Trussell and Anton of Canada.

The Grand Prix Special starts at 10:04 a.m. US ET (1604 CET) with the top half-dozen riders from the Grand Prix scheduled to ride in reverse order with Edward and Totilas last to go at 5:14 p.m. US ET (2314 CET).

Edward Gal and Moorlands Totilas were the stars of the show, as they have been wherever they have competed in the past two years and this time for the first and perhaps only time in America.

Edward said that the 10-year-old black stallion (yes, he really is only 10 and already holds all three Grand Prix level world records) was a little tense entering the ring to thunderous applause and flag waving. However, he quickly settled down and went on to produce another outstanding performance that was well short of their world record

Although, he said, the disqualification of their team mates Adelinde and Parzival and the only combination ever to beat them–which they have done twice–was “difficult.”

“On the one side it is very sad,” he said, “but on the other side it is nice to win the gold medal. We have mixed feelings.”

Totilas’s amazing gaits were what the spectators came for and they got it.

Piaffe. © 2010 Ken Braddick/
Piaffe. © 2010 Ken Braddick/
Extended trot. © 2010 Ken Braddick/
Extended trot. © 2010 Ken Braddick/

Laura Bechtolsheimer and Mistral Hojris produced a superb ride that team mate Carl Hester said her status as a superstar had pushed British riders to perform better and better.

Laura Bechtolsheimer and Mistral Hojris. © 2010 Ken Braddick/
Laura Bechtolsheimer and Mistral Hojris. © 2010 Ken Braddick/

“It was definitely the best score and the best ride I’ve ever had, no mistake about that,” the 15-year-old Laura said. “I’ve never been able to ride with him so full of energy but relaxed and easy.”

Asked whether she and Mistral could beat Totilas she said, “It depends on Totilas and how he is… but if my horse goes as well as he did today then of course the sport is wide open. It’s not going to be easy to stay where we are let alone go up even further, but I can guarantee you the next few days are going to be exciting!”

Carl Hester, who scored 72.128 per cent, with Liebling II, a horse he sold earlier this year as a mount for Canada’s Cheryl Meisner but who got the ride back when she did not qualify for the Canadian team, said: “I’m old enough to have been on a team where the best British mark was 66 and we thought that was good, but British dressage has changed–we’ve been waiting for a superstar like Laura but our horses could not have gone better and for that we’re all happy with all of our results and for everyone back home that we’ve finally come good.”

Isabell Werth and Warum Nicht FRH. © 2010 Ken Braddick/
Isabell Werth and Warum Nicht FRH. © 2010 Ken Braddick/

Isabell Werth, the multi Olympic gold medalist who rode her 2007 World Cup champion Warum Nicht FRH to the highest score for Germany, described the Dutch as out on their own and that the British “were just better – we need to work to come closer and it might take one, two or three years before we get back to sitting in the middle of this table!”–the gold medal position.

Germany, though, had a team of two riders and horses new to championship competition.

The final rankings for the teams:

Rank Nation Members Score
A. Cornelissen / E. Gal / H. Minderhoud / I. Schellekens-Bartels 229.75
L. Bechtolsheimer / F. Bigwood / M. Eilberg / C. Hester 224.77
A. Balkenhol / C. Koschel / M. Rath / I. Werth 220.60
S. Peters / T. Konyot / K. Bateson-Chandler / T. Flettrich 218.13
N. Sayn-Wittgenstein / A. van Olst / S. Hansen / A. Troensegaard 212.47
C. Castilla Ruiz / J. Garcia Mena / J. Muñoz Diaz / R. Ortiz 209.91
B. Trussell / B. Bonnello / A. Holzer / V. Winter 206.09
R. Sanna / B. Parbery / H. Beresford / L. Oatley 204.47
J. Devroe / C. Fassaert / P. Jorissen / S. Van ingelgem 200.43
10 SWE
P. Kittel / M. Telde / T. Vilhelmson-Silfven 200.26
11 POR
G. Carvalho / M. Galiza Mendes / D. Pinto 199.57
12 NOR
C. Kalseth / E. Farbrot / C. Rasmussen / L. Jebsen 196.60
13 JPN
H. Kitahara / M. Yagi / H. Hoketsu / Y. Kitai 194.00
14 BRA
R. Clementino / L. Tavares de Almeida / M. Alexandre 188.68

Final individual rankings:

Rank Num Nat Rider Horse Total % Score
1 53 NED
E. Gal Moorlands Totilas 84.043 1975
2 58 GBR
L. Bechtolsheimer Mistral Hojris 82.511 1939
3 66 USA
S. Peters Ravel 78.596 1847
4 55 GER
I. Werth Warum Nicht FRH 75.404 1772
5 54 ESP
J. Muñoz Diaz Fuego XII 73.957 1738
6 61 DEN
N. Sayn-Wittgenstein Digby 73.830 1735
7 23 NED
I. Schellekens-Bartels Hunter Douglas Sunrise 73.447 1726
8 25 GER
C. Koschel Donnperignon 72.638 1707
9 39 GER
M. Rath Sterntaler-Unicef 72.553 1705
10 5 NED
H. Minderhoud Exquis Nadine 72.255 1698
11 41 GBR
C. Hester Liebling II 72.128 1695
12 59 CAN
A. Holzer Pop Art 70.383 1654
13 51 SUI
M. Krinke Susmelj Corinth 70.340 1653
14 10 GBR
F. Bigwood Wie-Atlantico de Ymas 70.128 1648
15 64 AUS
B. Parbery Victory Salute 70.085 1647
16 48 USA
T. Konyot Calecto V 69.915 1643
17 32 USA
K. Bateson-Chandler Nartan 69.617 1636
18 44 DEN
A. van Olst Exquis Clearwater 69.532 1634
19 45 POL
M. Rapcewicz Randon 69.191 1626
20 29 DEN
S. Hansen Gredstedgårds Casmir 69.106 1624
21 28 CAN
B. Trussell Anton 69.021 1622
22 11 FIN
E. Kanerva Sini Spirit 68.851 1618
23 31 AUS
R. Sanna Jaybee Alabaster 68.809 1617
24 57 JPN
H. Hoketsu Whisper 115 68.681 1614
25 38 ESP
J. Garcia Mena Norte 68.638 1613
26 27 GBR
M. Eilberg Two Sox 68.213 1603
27 56 POL
K. Milczarek Ekwador 68.085 1600
28 2 SWE
M. Telde Larina – Höm 68.000 1598
29 50 NOR
L. Jebsen Pro – Set 67.957 1597
30 8 GER
A. Balkenhol Dablino 67.702 1591
30 35 AUT
P. Gmoser Cointreau 67.702 1591
32 36 BEL
J. Devroe Apollo van het Vijverhof 67.532 1587
33 30 POR
M. Galiza Mendes D´Artagnan 67.489 1586
34 24 ESP
C. Castilla Ruiz Jade de MV 67.319 1582
35 62 POR
G. Carvalho Rubi 66.766 1569
36 12 CAN
V. Winter Proton 66.681 1567
37 52 BEL
S. Van ingelgem Withney van´t Genthof 66.638 1566
38 18 USA
T. Flettrich Otto 66.553 1564
39 20 AHO
S. de Klein Prins 32 66.511 1563
40 63 SUI
E. Eversfield-Koch The Lion King B 66.340 1559
41 13 ISR
O. Shimoni Granada 66.298 1558
42 3 BEL
C. Fassaert Donnerfee 66.255 1557
42 21 SWE
P. Kittel Watermill Scandic H.B.C 66.255 1557
44 34 SWE
T. Vilhelmson-Silfven Favourit 66.000 1551
45 65 ITA
P. Sangiorgi Flourian 65.830 1547
46 16 AUS
L. Oatley Potifar 65.574 1541
47 15 DEN
A. Troensegaard Seduc 65.447 1538
47 42 CAN
B. Bonnello Pikardi 65.447 1538
49 46 POR
D. Pinto Galopin de la Font 65.319 1535
50 22 BEL
P. Jorissen Le Beau 64.809 1523
51 33 NOR
C. Rasmussen Orlando III 64.468 1515
52 49 ITA
S. Bordone Dark Surprise 64.340 1512
53 19 NOR
C. Kalseth Carte d´Or 64.170 1508
54 26 JPN
Y. Kitai Sig Fairytale 64.000 1504
55 14 BRA
L. Tavares de Almeida Samba 63.574 1494
56 60 BRA
M. Alexandre Signo Dos Pinhais 63.234 1486
57 7 ESP
R. Ortiz GNidium 63.021 1481
58 43 BRA
R. Clementino Portugal 61.872 1454
59 40 JPN
M. Yagi Dow Jones 13 61.319 1441
60 17 LUX
G. Chelius Flamenco R 61.149 1437
61 6 IRL
J. Reynolds Remember 143 61.021 1434
62 9 JPN
H. Kitahara Why Me 58.170 1367
63 4 COL
M. Bernal Halbgott 57.362 1348
64 47 AUS
H. Beresford Relâmpago do Retiro 10.128 238
65 37 NED
A. Cornelissen Jerich Parzival 9.745 229
66 1 NOR
E. Farbrot CC Royal 0.000 0