European Equestrian Federation Supports New Drug List

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BRUSSELS, Sept. 12–The European Equestrian Federation that was created in 2009 to present a united front of 40 European national federations, said Sunday it supported the proposed new single drug list that will be voted on by the International Equestrian Federation’s General Assembly to come into effect next year.

The new drug rules include allowing the use of ‘bute and banamine between competitions.

A new Equine Prohibited Substances List was drawn up by a List Group following last month’s FEI Congress on Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs. The congress came about after sharp divisions at the 2009 General Assembly that included complaints over the process of considering changes to the current policy of zero tolerance.

The EEF, based in Brussels but which has not issued any statements since its founding, said in a release from its General Assembly in Istanbul:

“The EEF fully supports and welcomes the decision of the FEI to recommend to the General Assembly acceptance of a single Equine Prohibited List of banned substances. We are delighted that the views of the nations of Europe have been taken into account and that the EEF has been influential in the process.”

Dr. Hanfried Haring, of Germany and president of the EEF, said: “This is the right decision for the EEF, and its 40 member nations, for the welfare of the horse and for a drug free sport.”