Courtney “Star in Therapy,” Standing With Help

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Wall in Courtney's hospital room in West Palm Beach
Wall in Courtney's hospital room in West Palm Beach

WEST ORANGE, New Jersey, Mar. 30–Courtney King Dye is progressing in therapy including standing with the help of three people at The Kessler Institute.

“Courtney is a star in therapy (are we surprised?!),” Lendon Grey reported Tuesday.

“With the help of three people she stood and carried her weight on her feet. She is following more instructions in physical, speech, and occupational therapy — usually going on longer than expected.”

Jason Dye, Courtney’s husband, gave a detailed update on her current condition after being flown to New Jersey last week from West Palm Beach where she had been hospitalized since Mar. 3 with a skull fracture after a horse accident.

She handled the “seamless transition” hospitals well, he said.

“While Courtney is no longer in a coma she still needs more time to fully emerge,” he said. “The Head of the Brain Injury Department has described her current phase as being at the higher end of a ‘minimally conscious state.’ She has some awareness of her surroundings and responds inconsistently to requests.

“The recovery from a brain Injury is much like training a top level dressage horse–both take patience, determination, a highly skilled team of people and time.”

He thanked the Florida Emergency Response Teams and the staff at St. Mary’s for the great care they took of Courtney after her initial injury.

“I am very pleased with the advanced rehabilitation program at Kessler along with the professionalism, competence and care the staff have exhibited.” he said.

“I truly believe Courtney can and will make strong gains in this environment.

“Thanks again for all the emails being sent to and all the great cards received. I can’t wait for the day Courtney can read them herself and feel the love and support the dressage community has showed.”

Jason posted a photo on Courtney’s web site of the West Palm Beach hospital room walls covered with cards, photos and well wishes.