Krack C to Flyinge in Sweden

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Krack C
Krack C ridden by Anky van Grunsven

ELSHOUT, Netherlands, Feb. 14–IPS Krack C (Flemmingh–Beaujoulais) one the most succesful dressage stallions in the world, will be presented for the Swedish studbook stallion approvals in Flyinge next month.

IPS Krack C will join a group of stallions of Ad Valk Dressage Horses that will be presented at the approvals in Flyinge as a result of a cooperation concept between Ad Valk Dressage Horses, member of the IPS group, and Flyinge, the Swedish National Stud.

During the same weekend, a unique stallion presentation of three generations of approved stallions will take place–IPS Krack C, his son IPS Tuschinski (Krack C–Pion) will be presented for approval along with his three-year-old son Colonel (Tuschinski-Goodtimes), who has already been approved for the Belgian studbook.

Karl-Henrik Heimdahl, The Flyinge breeding manager, is thrilled that Ad Valk Dressage Horses along and IPS group chose Flyinge, one of the world’s oldest but modern breeding facilities. An EU station was opened this season to enable the export of semen from Swedish-based stallions to European mare owners.

Ad Valk, a member of the IPS group, is looking forward to a long term cooperation with Flyinge and Swedish breeders in its goal to bring modern performance stallions to Sweden and to improve the type of Swedish-bred horses along the uphill movement and freedom in the shoulder. IPS Krack C and IPS Tuschinski are known for these characteristics and pass their type and movement on to their offspring.

IPS Krack C is considered by many to be one of the best dressage stallions in the world and, along with Jazz, has had great influence in Dutch dressage sport and Dutch dressage breeding. IPS Krack C ridden by Anky van Grunsven competed at the top of the international dressage for deveral years, including the 2002 World Championship. IPS Krack C’s offspring have been succesful for years on the foal and mare shows and already has 10 approved sons. They are:

Redford-Krack C. x Ferro KWPN
Tolando-Krack C. x Rubinstein I KWPN
Tuschinski-Krack C. x Pion KWPN
Trento B-Krack C. x Ramiro KWPN
United-Krack C. x TCN Partout KWPN, Hanoverian, Oldenburg
Kaiser-Franz Krack C. x Rousseau Oldenburg
Velazquez-Krack C. x Alasca  KWPN
Vivaldi-Krack C. x Jazz  KWPN
Webster-Krack C x Ulft  KWPN
Zhivago-Krack C x Jazz  KWPN