Dressage Canada Creates New High Performance Structure

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OTTAWA, Ontario, Nov. 11–A new structure for the High Performance Committee to broaden its overview of Canadian dressage was announced Wednesday by Dressage Canada.

The new HPC will combine senior high performance, formerly under the Senior High Performance Committee, and youth high performance, formerly under Youth High Performance Committee together with Dressage Canada Own The Podium.

The new HPC will consist of an executive and the following working groups, each designed to focus on specified high performance matters: Criteria, High Performance Human Resources, Team Management and Logistics, Public Relations and Promotion, Development, and Youth High Performance.

Under new Dressage Canada terms of reference, the new High Performance Committee Executive will consist of: John McPherson, Liz Steacie, John Harris, Pauline Bosman, Victoria Winter and Ali Buchanan. The Dressage Canada Board will also choose one of its members to act as an ex-officio representative on the committee.

“The structure of the new High Performance Committee is designed to ensure increased input from various stakeholders,” said Pauline Bosman, a member of the new HPC executive. “John Harris and I look forward to working with all the new members in providing a responsive, transparent and effective High Performance Committee.”

“We are very pleased with the new structure of the High Performance Committee,” said Sue Rothgeb, the chair of Dressage Canada. “The new Terms of Reference will enable us to go forward into the future with more purpose. We will be able to grow and respond to the changes that OTP has brought about.”

The new HPC Terms of Reference are available on the Dressage Canada section of the Equine Canada website at www.equinecanada.ca/dressage.