IDRC Refuses to Accept Isabell Werth’s Resignation, Pledges Support

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Isabell Werth. © 2008 Ken Braddick/
Isabell Werth. © 2008 Ken Braddick/

The International Dressage Riders Club that represents riders, particularly at the top level, has refused to accept an offer of resignation from Isabell Werth, the world’s top ranked rider who is suspended from competition after a banned substance was detected in her small tour horse, Whisper.

IDRC President Margit Otto-Crepin in a letter on the IDRC Internet site,  wrote:

“Dear Isabell

I confirm that the IDRC board members received your email of 1 July 2009 informing us of your intention to resign as member and board member of the IDRC.

While we understand and appreciate your concern that the IDRC will be negatively affected by the fact that you are subject to an ongoing investigation by the FEI for use of a banned substance, we wish to advise you that we cannot accept your resignation. You have always been a dedicated, committed and professional member of our organisation and we would like to continue our mutually beneficial association with you.

We have complete faith that you will be vindicated and cleared of any intentional wrongdoing. We wish to offer you our wholehearted support and look forward to your continued participation in our activities.”

The IDRC, the International Jumping Riders Club and some international eventing riders as well as FEI President Princess Haya have all expressed support for Werth.