Denise Jostes of Minnesota Awarded Inaugural Jane Savoie Grant to Adult Amateur

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Denise Jostes. Photo: John Borys Photography

June 1, 2022–

Denise Jostes of Minnesota will receive the inaugural Jane Savoie grant of $5,000 for adult amateurs. With her horse Foundex she plans to train for six weeks with Brian Hafner in Ocala, Florida next winter.

The Jane Savoie Fund for Adult Amateurs was established in 2021 by Jane’s family and friends in memory of her lifelong love of horses and career as a trainer, teacher, author and motivational speaker. The award is directed at adult amateur riders of any age, training any breed of horse at 4th Level or Prix St. Georges, and was announced by by The Dressage Foundation.

Denise is a U.S. Dressage Federation bronze and silver medalist and ‘L’ judge program graduate. She grew up in Germany.

As a teenager, Denise read Jane Savoie’s “That Winning Feeling” that she said inspired her to pursue her goals. After raising her children and riding whenever possible, Denise said it’s time to focus on dressage and her goals with Foundex.

Rhett Savoie, Jane’s husband, said: “It was heartwarming to see the number of applicants for this grant in Jane’s memory. Jane was always appreciative of the feedback she got from the students and audiences that she connected with and I’m sure she would feel the same about the many applicants for the grant. I would also like to thank the members of the selection committee for their time and effort to go through the many applications and videos to evaluate each one. This grant means a lot to me, personally, as well.”