Cathrine Dufour & Bohemian to No 2 in World, Charlotte Fry’s Big Rankings Jump on Glamourdale Gives Rider 3 Horses in World’s Top 30

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Cathrine Dufour on Bohemian. File photo. © Ken Braddick/

April 4, 2022

Cathrine Dufour of Denmark on Bohemian edged up to No. 2 in the world while Charlotte Fry on Glamourdale skyrocketed up almost 100 places to give the British rider three horses in the top 30 in the latest global rankings.

A double victory in her homeland last month moved Cathrine and the 12-year-old Westfalen gelding up behind Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and TSF Dalera BB. Olympic and European Championship gold medals kept the German pair at the top of the world rankings for the eight straight month.

Charlotte Dujardin on Gio slipped to third in the world though she is no longer competing the horse.

German superstar Isabell Werth held on to three spots in the top 10–on Weihegold OLD at No. 4, DSP Quantaz at No. 6 and Bella Rose No. 8.

Jessica on Dalera, Cathrine on Bohemian and Isabell on Weihegold will all meet at the World Cup Final in Leipzig, Germany later this week. This will be the first appearance in the annual championship based on the Freestyle for both Dalera and Bohemian while Weihegold will be ridden by Isabell aiming for a record fourth straight titles.

Charlotte Fry on Everdale at ninth in the world retains the same standing as most of the top group but on Dark Legend jumps up four places to 15th from 19th a month earlier. On Glamourdale she goes to No. 267 from 120th based on last weekend’s career and personal best results in Belgium

German multi team rider Dorothee Schneider showed a similar jump in standings on Faustus to 23rd from 101st while she remained at No. 20 on her two-time Olympic team gold medal mount Showtime FRH.

Nicolas Wagner Ehlinger of Luxembourg on Qater Back Junior FRH leapt to 50th from 124th.

Also in Leipzig for the World Cup, Anna Buffini of San Diego, California on FRH Davinia la Douce moved to No. 44 from 50th, the fourth ranked U.S. duo behind Adrienne Lyle and Salvino at No. 11, Steffen Peters and Suppenkasper at No. 38 and Charlotte Jorst and Kastel’s Nintendo No. 42.

Sabine Schut-Kery and Sanceo of San Ramos, California dropped to 279th from 142nd a month earlier as the pair put off until a month from now their first competition since Olympic silver medal performance to see a place on the U.S. team for the world championships later this year.

Three big moves by Americans up the standings based on results at Wellington Florida were by Benjamin Ebeling of Moorpark, California on Indeed to 76th from No. 304, Pan American Games gold medal partnership of Sarah Tubman of Murietta, California and First Apple to 93rd from 429 and Alice Tarjan of Oldwick, New Jersey to 95th from 323rd.

Complete standings are available here.