Germany’s Frederic Wandres Tops Wellington Dressage Prize Money, American Benjamin Ebeling Runner-Up

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Germany’s Frederic Wandres on Bluetooth OLD competing at the Global Dressage Festival. © 2022 Ken Braddick/

WELLINGTON, Florida, Mar. 29, 2022–German team rider Frederic Wandres completed Global Dressage Festival top top prize money earnings while 22-year-old American Benjamin Ebeling was runner-up.

Riders from 26 countries on five continents shared in the prize money for seven weeks of international competition in the 11th year of Global that also includes extensive para dressage and national competitions.

Frederic earned $32,300 from  seven victories in nine starts on two different horses. Included was the win on Bluetooth OLD of the richest event, the CDI5* Freestyle. He also led Germany to the team’s Nations Cup gold medal for the second year.

Benjamin Ebeling of Moorpark, California competed three different horses to earn a total of $28,550 at both Big Tour and in the Under-25 division. Among the horses was Illuster van de Kampert on which he is currently ranked fifth on the standings for the U.S. team for the world championships.

Benjamin Ebeling on Illuster van de Kampert. © 2022 Ken Braddick/

Laurence Vanommeslaghe of Belgium in her first appearance at Global earned $25,800, mostly for crowd (and judge-) pleasing musical performances on Edison.

Charlotte Jorst of Reno, Nevada collected $21,300, the bulk of it from competing her 19-year-old partner, Kastel’s Nintendo, that she logged four wins in six starts. She added extra cash for riding Zhaplin Landholt to win the Summit Farm Future Challenge for developing Prix St. Georges.

Sweden’s seven-time Olympian Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén who has spent her winters in Florida since before Global was created was fifth in earnings with $19,700.

Juan Matute Guimón, who rides for Spain but returned to the town where he grew up placed sixth on earnings with $19,000 with Germany’s Christoph Koschel, a veteran of Global, stood seventh on $18,700.

Adrienne Lyle, of Wellington, the U.S. team silver medalist on Salvino at both the Tokyo Olympics and the 2018 World Equestrian Games, earned $18,500 in four starts for four victories. The pair’s record this year vaulted them to the top of the U.S. team standings for the world championships as well as the highest ever result for a musical performance at Global.

Jennifer Williams, competing Millione that was the U.S. Grand Prix champion two years ago but is now 19 years old, and her up and coming Joppe K were ninth on the standings with total earnings of $17,885.

Great Britain’s Susan Pape, whose season is typically just two-thirds because of the breeding operation of she and her husband, rounded out the top 10 with $15,000.

Alice Tarjan of Oldwick, New Jersey, and the growing herd of international Grand Prix horses she has developed, earned $14,000 to stand 11th.

Ashley Holzer of Wellington on Valentine and Havanna, that she will compete in the World Cup Final next week, was 12th with $11,400, the same amount as Canada’s Olympic team rider Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu.

Global Dressage Festival Prize Money for 2022
compiled by
1.  Frederic Wandres GER $32,300
2.  Benjamin Ebeling USA $28,550
3.  Laurence Vanommeslaghe BEL $25,800
4.  Charlotte Jorst USA $21,300
5.  Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén SWE $19,700
6.  Juan Matute Guimón ESP $19,000
7.  Christoph Koschel GER $18,700
8.  Adrienne Lyle USA $18,500
9.  Jennifer Williams USA $17,885
10. Susan Pape GBR $15,000
11. Alice Tarjan USA $14,000
12. Ashley Holzer USA $11,400
12. Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu CAN $11,400
14. Katie Duerrhammer USA $9,800
15. Jan Ebeling USA $8,565
16. Paula Matute Guimón ESP $8,200
17. Naïma Moreira Laliberté CAN $8,125
18. Diane Creech CAN $8,100
19. Susan Dutta USA $7,800
20. Michael Klimke GER $7,225
21. Bianca Berktold USA $5,550
22. Hope Cooper USA $5,180
23. Ariana Chia CAN $5,090
24. Evi Strasser CAN $4,970
25. Ali Potasky USA $4,885
26. Yvonne Losos de Muñiz DOM $4,400
26. Sarah Tubman USA $4,400
28. Mikala Münter USA $4,300
29. Kelly Layne AUS $4,000
30. Julio Cesar Mendoza Loor ECU $3,920
31. Maria Alejandro Aponte Gonzalez COL $3,425
32. Pablo Gómez Molina ESP $3,400
33. Camille Career Bergeron CAN $3,375
34. Luuk Mourits NED $3,260
35. Anna Buffini USA $3,200
36. Pia Fortmüller CAN $3,100
37. Natalia Bacariza Danguilecourt ESP $2,900
38. Shannon Dueck CAN $2,590
39. Megan Lane CAN $2,400
40. Jessica Jo Tate USA $2,360
41. Katherine Bateson Chandler USA $2,300
41. Codi Harrison USA $2,300
41. Joanne Vaughan GEO $2,300
44. Carrie Schopf ARM $2,200
45. Lisa Marriott GBR $2,185
46. Leah Drew USA $2,150
47. Beatrice Boucher CAN $2,100
47. Estelle Schurink SUI $2,100
49. Lauren Knopp USA $2,085
50. Vanessa Creech-Terauds CAN $2,025
51. Aaron Janicki USA $2,000
52. Kiichi Harada JPN $1,990
53. Jessica Howington USA $1,900
54. Kevin Kohmann USA $1,875
55. Christian Simonson USA $1,850
56. Kerrigan Gluch USA $1,660
57. Ella Fruchterman USA $1,580
58. Ellanor Boehning USA $1,520
59. Devon Kane USA $1,500
60. Quinn Iverson USA $1,475
61. Lehua Custer USA $1,450
62. Carly Taylor-Smith USA $1,400
63. Silva Martin USA $1,275
64. Tiffany Silverman USA $1,225
65. Barbara Bertschinger SUI $1,220
66. Katrina Sadis USA $1,100
66. Rebecca Waite USA $1,100
68. Olivia LaGoy-Weltz USA $1,000
69. Allison Carmichael USA $1,080