Sarah Tubman & Balia Win Lövsta Future Challenge Int. II, Alice Tarjan on Sumersby II Takes Summit Farms St. Georges

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Sarah Tubman on Balia qualifying for Lövsta Future Challenge developing Grand Prix final at the Global Dressage Festival. © 2022 Ken Braddick/

WELLINGTON, Florida, Mar. 6, 2022–Sarah Tubman experienced a “wow” moment on Balia in winning the Lövsta Future Challenge Intermediate II Sunday to qualify the 10-year-old mare for the developing Grand Prix final at Global Dressage Festival.

Sarah of Murieta, California and the Westfalen mare she has been developing for the past five years scored 67.401% before a panel of three FEI judges in the centerpiece international arena to earn an invitation to the final at the end of this month of the winter-long series.

Sarah, who rides for Summit Farm that sponsors the accompanying Prix St. Georges for developing horses, competed Balia (Belissimo M x Florestan I) at Small Tour last year.

“She’s super fun to ride, she’s very electric,” Sarah said, “… definitely like a mare. I think she would keep going until maybe her legs fell off. So she’s super fun, and I really think she has a lot of talent for the future.

“We still have a lot of work to do and a lot of polishing work to do, but it’s a really ‘wow’ moment in there that I think we can build into something really special and really reliable for the future.”

Plans are to get Balia into international competition and possibly go to Europe to gain experience at medium tour.

“So being able to do something like this, get her in a big ring, get some great feedback from the FEI judges, it’s invaluable,” she said.

Alice Tarjan and Summersby II. © 2022 Ken Braddick/

Alice Tarjan of Oldwick, New Jersey on Summersby II won the Summit Farms Future Challenge developing Prix St. Georges on a score of 71.617%. Susanne Benne of Cocoa, Florida and Liebling placed second on 68.921% to also qualify for the final.

Summersby, a seven-year-old Oldenburg mare (Sezuan x Sandro Hit), is being prepared by Alice for developing Grand Prix in 2023, joining her lineup that already includes three international Grand Prix horses and another that qualified earlier this season in the Lövsta developing Grand Prix division as well as others.

She acquired Summersby as a foal and has competed in young horse classes each year since the age of three.

“She’s a little hot, which I like,” Alice said. “It’s super leggy, so it’s got a fun feeling. And it’s super uphill to ride, and it’s pretty honest. She can be a little spooky, so that’s why I want to get some miles on it, but I think it’ll be a decent Grand Prix horse.”


Lövsta Future Challenge Intermediate II

Judges: Kari McClain Cesar Torrente Christof Umbach
Place Score Nation Athlete Horse H C B
1. 67.401 USA Sarah Tubman Balia 67.794 67.647 66.764
2. 65.539 USA Devon Kane Gyllebo’s Vamos 65.000 63.970 67.647

Summit Farm Future Challenge Prix St. Georges

Judges: Cesar Torrente Christof Umbach Kari McClain
Place Score Nation Athlete Horse H C B
1. 71.617 USA Alice Tarjan Summersby II 72.500 68.970 73.382
2. 68.921 USA Susanne Benne Liebling 69.411 65.882 71.470
3. 66.519 USA Debbie Hill Jantasy Ashlanes 66.470 64.264 68.823
4. 66.176 USA Katherine Bateson Chandler Shakira 67.794 64.558 66.176
5. 64.950 USA Mary Lauritsen Jeroboam De Massa 66.176 63.970 64.705
6. 64.068 USA Bridget Hay Shanahan 64.705 61.911 65.588
7. 61.078 PHI Ellesse Gundersen Quintessential 63.823 58.529 60.882