Jovian Wins World 7-Year-Old Championships Prelim, but Helgstrand Party Broken Up by Aussie Simone Pearce

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Jovian, a stallion by Apache x Tango. and Andreas Helgstrand make the most out of the chance to splash through puddles in the awards. The “awards girls” who bring out the flowers and prizes were scaring the horses, and possibly a few humans, in their shiny rain coats and masks. The ground jury may have ruined their shoes during the presentations, too. © 2021 Ilse Schwarz/


VERDEN, Germany, Aug. 27, 2021–The seven-year-old division debuted at the World Championships when it was held at Ermelo six years ago. In its developing years I think riders were unsure of what this class was really asking. Was it for the most accurate test you could ride? The reality is that this is a difficult test for most seven-year-old horses. Was it a chance to show off your mega-moving horse and maybe trip over a few movements without concern as after all… it was a “young horse class?” I think that with this clear lack of direction we saw many tests of the above. Horses forced into tests they weren’t ready for, huge passagey trots getting through the trot work and then not being able to perform a canter pirouette. Horses whose walks showed a complete loss of rhythm due to a lack of throughness and careful training. You may have guessed that the first few times I tried to sit through this class I was horrified and literally had to walk away.

Blue Hors Touch of Olympic, a gelding by Don Olymbrio x Fidermark, and Nanna Skodborg Merrald and a divine half pass. Reach, engagement, bend, stunning. Training going the right direction. © 2021 Ilse Schwarz/

I am absolutely thrilled to be able to report that I believe the class has found its direction, and it is very good for the sport. I feel that this class requires the rider to be able to maintain the purity and quality of the gaits, whilst introducing true FEI levels of collection, and being able to ride an accurate and clean test that is a little less demanding than the Prix St. Georges test. That is what was demonstrated Friday and it makes me rather excited about the future of the sport as these horses continue to develop to true FEI competitors. The top 10 or so combinations really showed horses maintaining and developing their talent and being able to perform the required elements without loss of balance, throughness and quality. Further, I fervently hope that riders can continue to maintain the quality and purity of the walks we saw as they develop these horses to Grand Prix.

Jovian being ridden by Andreas Helgstrand in heavy rain to win the World 7-Year-Old Championship Prelim. Jovian and Andreas received “10” for their trot and an overall score of 87.145%. The duo won the five-year-old title in 2019 but no championships were staged in 2020 due to coronavirus. © 2021 Ilse Schwarz/

The winning combination of Jovian and Andreas Helgstrand was a textbook example of this. I know that when many classes are sponsored by the Helgstrand group, it is easy to believe that points are given a little more easily. Whilst this may or may not be true, I assure you that they cannot control the weather. Jovian was ridden in the heaviest of the rain… it was bucketing down in true “Florida storm” style and Jovian NEVER missed a beat. You know he was light in the contact and carrying himself as there is zero chance that those reins weren’t slippery as hell. He deserved his 10 for trot and the 10 for perspective. No argument. Basically all the riders in the last group suffered the same conditions. It didn’t go well for any of the riders who had contact issues!

Fairly sure Dutch rider Nicky Snijder and the KWPN gelding Jongleur (Expression x Furst Heinrich) were not imaging their World Championship ride in this weather. With an overall score of 75.957% he will hoping for better weather in the small final. © 2021 Ilse Schwarz/


Possibly the most extraordinary moving horse was the KWPN stallion Jameson Rs2 (Blue Hors Zack x Negro) ridden by Marieke van de Putten. Unfortunatey he was completely overwhelmed by the experience. His tension made him unable to really show his walk at all and have small errors throughout the test. Despit that he still scored 9s for trot and canter. He showed that no matter how gorgeous, brilliant and talented you are, you must be able to focus. I hope for everyone’s sake that he can make the final through the small final Saturday. © 2021 Ilse Schwarz/
Simone Pearce of Australia rode a beautiful test on the stallion Quando Unico (Quantensprung x Fidertanz) to finish in third place and sneak in between all the Helgstrand ridden horses. Overall score 81.709%. © 2021 Ilse Schwarz/


Simone Pearce and Quando Unico also had fun in the mud. © 2021 Ilse Schwarz/


7-Year-Old Qualifier

Judges: Isabelle Judet Kurt Christensen, Ulrike Nivelle, Mariette Sanders van Gansewinkel  Annette Fransen Iacobaeus
Place Score Nation Athlete Horse H C B
1. 87.145 DEN Andreas Helgstrand Jovian 81.071 94.2 79.107
2. 81.886 DEN Marianne Yde Helgstrand Elverhøjs Raccolto 75.179 90.2 71.964
3. 81.709 AUS Simone Pearce Quando Unico 75.357 89.4 72.679
4. 81.240 DEN Andreas Helgstrand Queenparks Wendy 73.214 89.8 72.143
5. 80.849 DEN Anne-Mette Strandby Hansen Eternity 75 73.214 90 70.179
6. 80.338 DEN Nanna Skodborg Merrald Blue Hors Touch of Olympic L 70.893 88.8 72.857
7. 80.008 GER Kira Laura Soddemann Senor Charming NRW 73.75 86.8 72.679
8. 79.524 GER Nicole Wego-Engelmeyer Quiana 70.179 88.6 70.714
9. 79.493 NED Renate van Uytert Johnny Depp 74.286 87.2 69.286
10. 79.124 NED Renate van Uytert Just Wimphof 72.679 87.8 68.214
11. 78.250 FRA Barbara Clement Klinger Jarina des Vallees 72.857 84 72.143
12. 77.800 GER Yara Reichert Springbank II VH 69.821 85.6 70.179
13. 76.033 LUX Kristine Moller DSP Spectre 70 82.6 68.929
14. 75.957 NED Nicky Snijder Jongleur STH 70.714 81.2 70.714
15. 75.709 SWE Jacob Nørby Sørensen Katholt’s Hamilton 68.929 82.4 69.107
16. 75.572 GER Yara Reichert Valverde NRW 67.5 84 66.786
17. 73.286 LUX Fie Christine Skarsoe Coco Island OLD 68.75 78 68.393
18. 72.631 MDA Alisa Glinka Abercrombie 68.571 76.6 68.75
19. 72.268 NED Kimberly Pap Jersey 65.357 79 65.714
20. 71.729 FRA Pauline Guillem Barcelona de Malleret 67.5 75.6 68.214
21. 71.431 POL Beata Stremler Fuerstin Bea OLD 69.286 74.2 68.036
22. 71.349 GER Helen Langehanenberg Zoom 65.714 76 67.679
23. 70.958 GBR Joseph Robert Hunt Teatrero D Centurion 65.179 76.2 66.25
24. 70.484 SWE Mia Runesson Zenit 67.679 73.2 67.857
25. 70.233 NED Marieke van der Putten Jameson RS2 63.393 76 65.536
26. 69.875 AUT Astrid Neumayer Dinay 64.464 76 63.036
27. 69.384 SWE Ida Viljanen Astrakan 67.5 71 68.036
28. 68.938 GER Maria Schauer Day Light K 67.679 71 66.071
29. 68.204 FIN Yvonne Österholm Demand 1344 63.571 74.8 59.643
30. 67.675 BEL Katrien Verreet Oblix van de Kempenhoeve 63.75 71.6 63.75
31. 66.815 LTU Sandra Sysojeva Found Boy 67.143 68.2 65.714
32. 66.574 CAN Mathieu Boisselier J’Adoreina 61.429 70.2 64.464
33. 65.988 ESP Alejandro Sánchez Del Barco Quadrigo Nadales V 62.857 67.6 65.893
34. 62.725 HUN Antónia Gálfi Brillant Mokka Sahne 56.429 69.2 56.071