Adrienne Lyle & Salvino Win Tryon CDI4* Grand Prix Special to be Atop USA Olympic Short List

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Adrienne Lyle and Salvino celebrating victory in the CDI4* Grand Prix Special at Tryon International Equestrian Center. © 2021 Ken Braddick/


MILL SPRING, North Carolina, April 25, 2021–Adrienne Lyle and Salvino won the Tryon CDI4* Grand Prix Special Sunday with a score that puts the partnership at the top of the U.S. Olympic short list with an observation event to come in less than two months to decide on the team for the Games. Olivia LaGoy-Weltz on Lonoir placed second to confirm their fourth place ranking.

Adrienne of Wellington, Florida and the 14-year-old Hanoverian stallion were awarded 77.936% for the win at the Tryon International Equestrian Center with scores for the Special counting for selection. Adrienne was competing Salvino at Tryon for the first time since riding for the U.S. on the team that won silver at the 2018 World Equestrian Games.

Olivia of Haymarket, Virginia and the 17-year-old Danish Warmblood gelding scored 75.149 for runner-up. Katie Johnson, coached by Adrienne, rode Quartett for third place on 71.553%.

Adrienne Lyle and Salvino on their way to winning the Tryon CDI4* Grand Prix Special. © 2021 Ken Braddick/

With no more CDIs in the United States that can be used for qualifying for the short list of up to about 12 combinations to be invited to what the U.S. federation calls an “observation” event in Wellington in mid-June, the standings as calculated by are:

1. Adrienne Lyle/Salvino 79.383; 2. Steffen Peters/Suppenkasper 76.745; 3. Sabine Schut-Kery/Sanceo 76.564; 4. Olivia LaGoy Weltz/Lonoir 75.585; 5. Nick Wagman/Don John 75.330; 6. Adrienne Lyle/Harmony’s Duval 74.156; 7. Benjamin Ebeling/Illuster van der Kampert 73.163; 8. Jennifer Williams/Millione 73.075, and 9. Charlotte Jorst/Kastel’s Nintendo.

Current plans are for a team of three combinations with a traveling reserve for Tokyo. The Grand Prix will be used to qualify eight nations for the Grand Prix Special to Music that will decide team medals. Individual medals will be decided by the Freestyle.

“I am happy with his solid performance and clean test,” said Adrienne after the ride on the horse that was imported from Spain five years ago after the 2012 Olympics when her mount, Wizard, was retired. “He’s proven to be very reliable, and never lets me down, which is wonderful. We have our two qualifying shows done now and going forward we will start to focus a bit more on building stronger fitness going into the summer.

“This was good practice to have to travel a long distance and show at a higher altitude. Our goal is to slowly build and peak at the right time. I feel very honored to be able to ride such a special horse and am very thankful to his owner, Betsy Juliano, and my long time coach, Debbie McDonald for all their support.”

Olivia LaGoy-Weltz and Lonoir in the CDI4* Grand Prix Special. © 2021 Ken Braddick/


CDI4* Grand Prix Special

Lee Tubman Cesar Torrente Christof Umbach Peter Storr Sandra Hotz
Place Score Nation Athlete Horse E H C M B
1. 77.936 USA Adrienne Lyle Salvino 77.234 78.511 76.702 77.34 79.894
2. 75.149 USA Olivia LaGoy-Weltz Rassing’s Lonoir 75.106 75.745 75.745 76.17 72.979
3. 71.553 USA Katie Johnson Quartett 69.043 70.957 73.936 72.021 71.809
4. 70.979 CAN Naïma Moreira Laliberté Statesman 69.574 72.872 72.447 71.702 68.298
5. 70.702 CAN Tina Irwin Fancy That 70.319 72.34 70.319 71.064 69.468
6. 69.957 ESP Pablo Gómez Molina Ulises de Ymas 69.894 70.957 69.787 70.426 68.723
7. 69.170 USA Susan Dutta Don Design DC 67.766 70.426 70.319 69.681 67.66
8. 68.234 CAN Jill Irving Degas 12 70.319 68.723 66.915 66.596 68.617
9. 68.213 AUS Kelly Layne Samhitas 64.787 68.511 70.426 66.915 70.426
10. 67.787 COL María Alejandra Aponte González Duke De Niro 68.085 68.511 66.17 66.915 69.255
11. 65.128 USA Michael Bragdell Qredit Hilltop 64.255 66.596 65.957 63.83 65
12. 64.723 MEX Carlos Maldonado Lara Diamond’s Diva 64.681 64.574 65.319 64.681 64.362
13. 64.170 CAN Evi Strasser Disney Tyme 64.043 64.255 65.213 63.191 64.149
14. 62.681 USA Michael Pineo Farrington 60 62.872 64.362 62.34 63.83
15. 61.702 VEN Patricia Ferrando Elvis 64.596 63.106 60.021 59.809 60.979