Horse Tested for Equine Herpes Virus at Wellington’s Global Dressage Festival

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WELLINGTON, Florida, Mar. 18, 2021–Equestrian Sport Productions announced Thursday that a horse with a fever at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival was tested for Equine Herpes Virus. The horse and a stablemate were isolated and test results should be received Friday.

“Horse A” with the fever was removed from FEI stabling and isolated on the Equestrian Village grounds at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center where a CDIO3* Nations Cup competition is underway in the winter-long Global circuit.

“Horse B,” a barn-mate of Horse A, was also relocated and isolated separately on Equestrian Village show grounds. Horse B does not currently have a fever and is not showing any other symptoms.

Horse A was not outside of Wellington, nor has it been in contact with horses outside of Wellington.

ESP has implemented biosecurity protocols to maintain the health of all horses on property, which are:

1. Any horses shipped into PBIEC and Equestrian Village facilities require a signed declaration stating the horses have not competed at other Florida venues outside of Wellington or been in close contact with horses that competed in other Florida venues outside of Wellington within 10 days prior to arrival;

2. Since Mar. 8, any horses shipping onto both Global and Winter Equestrian Festivals require a health certificate or statement on official licensed veterinarian letterhead and dated within seven days of arriving;

3. ESP requires all barns on PBIEC and Equestrian Village show grounds to maintain a temperature log with twice-daily recordings. Random checks by approved veterinary staff may be implemented.

4. ESP and USEF strongly recommend that equestrians do not ship horses throughout Florida for the foreseeable future, and encouraged ceasing any European imports into you Florida. Recently imported horses were recommended to be isolated and monitored for 10 days. Horses imported from Europe in the last 14 days and in the future will not be allowed on to the show grounds.

5. Any horse on the show grounds with a fever of unknown origin or of suspicious origin must be reported to ESP management. Isolation stalls are available on the grounds or at a local veterinary practice.