International Dressage Officials Club & FEI Para Officials to Join Forces

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Hans Christian Matthiesen, 5* judge from Denmark and president of the International Dressage Officials Club. File photo. © Terri Miller

Feb 16, 2012

The International Dressage Officials Club and the FEI Para Officials have joined forces to create the best conditions for all officials, IDOC President Hans Christian Matthiesen announced Tuesday.

The IDOC has created a working group for Para Officials, led by FEI Para Dressage Judge General Marco Orsini of Germany who will also attend IDOC board meetings.

In addition to Marco, the working group comprises:
Elke Ebert of Germany, a 5* dressage and para dressage judge;
Carlos Lopes of Portugal, a 4* dressage and 5* para dressage judge;
Kristi Wysocki of the United States, 4* dressage and 5* para dressage judge, and
Joelle Beier of Luxembourg, L2 dressage and para dressage steward.

Hans Christian, of Denmark, said: “It has been a long-standing wish to include the Para Officials in our club. I think it is important that we officials work in the same direction and under common flag to create the best conditions for the many hardworking officials. I hope that with the inclusion of the Para Officials, the International Dressage Officials Club will affirm its strong position as one of the most important stakeholder clubs within the FEI family. Over the years IDOC has proven to be a reliable and strong representative club for all dressage officials–and now with even stronger bonds to para dressage.”

Marco Orsini noted that many judges and stewards already hold qualifications both in dressage and para dressage.

“Dressage and para dressage actually share the same basics and face the same challenges when it comes to education and officiating opportunities,” he said. “In a way it was a logical step that the para officials would ask IDOC for cooperation and support. With IDOC it will surely be possible to align with dressage more easily and efficiently.”