German Olympic Squads Updated After National Championships

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Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and TSF Dalera. File photo. © Ken Braddick/

BALVE, Germany, Sept. 22, 2020–The German Olympic squad has been updated following the national championships, but world No. 1 Bella Rose was among horses not on the list because they had not competed this year due to coronavirus-triggered cancellation of numerous events.

The dressage committee of the German Olympic Committee for Equestrian on Tuesday announced the squads as:

–Jessica von Bredow-Werndl with TSF Dalera BB and Zaire-E
–Ingrid Klimke with Franziskus
–Helen Langehanenberg with Annabelle
–Dorothee Schneider with Faustus and DSP Sammy Davis Jr.
–Benjamin Werndl with Daily Mirror and Famoso OLD
–Isabell Werth with Emilio and Weihegold OLD.

–Carina Bachmann with Tarantino
–Senta Kirchhoff with L’Arbuste OLD
–Sönke Rothenberger with Santiano R
–Frederic Wandres with Duke of Britain