Alice Tarjan Rides Home-Bred Gjenganger to USA 4-Year-Old Championship, Spain’s Pablo Gomez Molina & Easy Di Fonteabeti Ymas Take 5-Year-Old Title

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Alice Tarjan on her home-bred Gjenganger, 2020 4-year-old champion. Glory Boy, ridden by Marcus Orlob and owned by Alice, reserve champion, in the background. © 2020

WAYNE, Illinois, Aug. 22, 2020–Alice Tarjan rode Gjenganger to the U.S. four-year-old championship title Saturday after placing second in the final competition to Marcus Orlob riding Alice’s Glory Day. Spain’s Pablo Gomez Molina on Easy Di Fonteabeti Ymas captured the five-year-old title.

Alice, 41, of Frenchtown, New Jersey and Gjenganger, a Danish Warmblood mare (Grand Galaxy Win T x Don Schufro), was scored 8.54 for second place in the final but with 8.84% in the first round was enough to claim the championship.

Marcus, 38, of Annandale, New Jersey, won the final on Glory Day on a score of 8.84. The result moved them up to reserve champion after placing third in the first round.

Marcus, who began riding for the United States in 2015 instead of his native Germany and coaches Alice, was also fourth on Flambeau behind Lindsey Holleger of Middletown, New York on MW Bodacious.

Easy Di Fonteabeti Ymas ridden by Pablo Gomez Molina to USA 5-Year-Old Championship. © 2020

Easy Di Fonteabeti Ymas, registered in the United States that qualifies it to compete in the American young horse championships, was ridden by Pablo to become the five-year-old national champion after winning both the final and preliminary competitions.

The pair scored scored 8.07 in the final and 8.28 in the preliminary test.

Pablo, 26, competes horses for Cristina Danguillecourt and Yeguada de Ymas in the United States and Europe. Ymas has facilities in Wellington, Florida and Toledo, Spain.

Alice Tarjan on Summersby II, an Oldenburg mare (Sezuan x Sandro Hit), placed second on 8.04 and with the second place result in the preliminary became reserve champion. Summersby was reserve U.S. champion as a four-year-old.

Michele Bondy of Roy, Washington on Sonnenberg’s Kain scored 77.600% for third place.


4-Year-Old Final

            Judges:   C: Michael Osinski, Ulf Wadeborn, Heidi Berry, Jodi Lees  
Pl.   Score %   Nat. Athlete Horse   C  
1.   88.400   USA Marcus Orlob Glory Day   88.4  
2.   85.400   USA Alice Tarjan Gjenganger   85.4  
3.   81.800   USA Lindsey Holleger MW Bodacious   81.8  
4.   81.600   USA Marcus Orlob Flambeau   81.6  
5.   81.000   USA Ali Potasky Lalique   81  
6.   80.400   CAN David Ziegler Saladine STC   80.4  
7.   79.800   USA Sarah Lockman Lyamora   79.8  
8.   79.600   USA Shannon Stevens San Sebastian   79.6  
9.   79.200   USA Nadine Schwartsman Lucian BHS   79.2  
10.   78.800   USA Lindsey Holleger MW Weissgold   78.8  
11.   78.400   USA Sarah Mason Liang   78.4  
12.   78.000   USA Nadine Schwartsman Floyd Edi   78  
13.   77.800   USA Kathryn Fleming-Kuhn Rowena SW   77.8  
14.   76.800   USA Bridget Hay Bedelia   76.8  
15.   75.400   USA Kaitlin Blythe Leanora AOF   75.4  

5-Year-old Final

            Judges:   C: Michael Osinski, Jodi Lees, Natalie Lamping, Ulf Wadeborn  
Pl.   Score %   Nat. Athlete Horse   C  
1.   80.700   ESP Pablo Gomez Molina Easy Di Fonteabeti Ymas   81.2  
2.   80.400   USA Alice Tarjan Summersby II   80.4  
3.   76.200   USA Marne Martin-Tucker Lovely Leni   76.2  
4.   76.200   USA Rebekah Mingari Killian TF   76.2  
5.   75.400   USA Michele Bondy Sonnenberg’s Kain   75.4  
6.   74.800   USA Angela Jackson Dionysus MF   74.8  
7.   74.000   USA Nadine Schwartsman Kiriska   74  
8.   73.800   USA Lauren Chumley Kyro   73.8  
9.   73.400   USA Dawn Weniger Kayman   73.4  
10.   72.800   USA Lucy Tidd Kayla   72.8  
11.   72.600   USA Bridget Hay Shanahan   72.6  
12.   72.200   USA Nadine Schwartsman Furstenbelle   72.2  
13.   70.200   USA Emily Brollier Ynze fan Vels   70.2  
EL.       USA Angela Jackson Royal Heiress