Spirit of Joy Ridden by Marcus Orlob to USA 6-Year-Old Championship Preliminary Win

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Spirit of Joy ridden by Marcus Orlob to win the preliminary USA Championship for 6-year-olds. © 2020 SusanJStickle.com

WAYNE, Illinois, Aug. 21, 2020–Spirit of Joy was ridden by Marcus Orlob to victory in the preliminary U.S. six-year-old championship test Friday.

The Westfalen gelding by Sir Calypso received a score of 8.96 from the panel of four judges at the Festival of Champions.

Marcus, 38, of Annandale, New Jersey, and Spirit of Joy received 9.5 for the trot, 8 for walk, 9.3 for canter, 8.8 submission and 9.2 for perspective.

Marcus, originally from Dusseldorf, Germany, competed Spirit of Joy at the 2019 festival. He was second in the four-year-old division on Flambeau Thursday and third on Glory Day, owned by Alice Tarjan whom he coaches.

Jennifer Schrader-Williams of Roy, Washington and Joppe K placed second on 8.26 with Spain’s Pablo Gomez Molina on Baltasar de Ymas third on 8.22.

The final of the six-year-old division is scheduled for Sunday.


6-Year-Old Preliminary  

            Judges:   Janet Lee Foy, Scott Peterson, William Warren &
Ulf Wadeborn
Pl.   Score %   Nat. Athlete Horse   C  
1.   89.600   USA Marcus Orlob Spirit of Joy   89.6  
2.   82.600   USA Jennifer Schrader-Williams Joppe K   82.6  
3.   82.200   ESP Pablo Gomez Molina Baltasar De Ymas   82.2  
4.   79.100   USA Rebecca Rigdon Jagger   79.6  
5.   76.200   USA Nicole Levy Dark Knight   76.2  
6.   75.600   USA Stacey Hastings Hermes BRH   75.6  
7.   74.200   USA Jennifer Truett Absolute Dream   74.2  
8.   73.800   USA Hillary Martin Fortunata   73.8  
9.   72.800   USA Kaitlin Blythe Justice OF   72.8  
10.   72.600   USA Heather Salden Kurtz Jjaguar B   72.6  
11.   71.200   USA Meredith Kaplan Kenyon Julinda M   71.2  
12.   69.000   USA Judy Ethell Jackpot Royal   69  
13.   68.400   USA Nichole Suzanne Smith Sijam   68.4  
SCR       USA Jason Canton Felicita      
SCR       USA Jason Canton Frisantos