Edward Gal & Glock’s Zonik Get Big Rankings Boost from Amsterdam World Cup–Graphic by BlackHorse-One

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Feb. 3, 2020

The third place finish of Edward Gal and Glock’s Zonik in the Amsterdam World Cup boosted the Dutch pair to 28th in the world from 157th at the end of 2019, a month earlier.

The competition for Edward and the 12-year-old Danish Warmblood stallion was the first since the pair led Holland to team silver at the European Championships in Rotterdam more than five months earlier. It was also the duo’s first World Cup event so far in the Western European League with only three more events remaining ahead of the Final in Las Vegas in mid-April.

Edward has recorded the most success on Zonik since he rode Glock’s Voice at the 2016 Olympics and the World Cup Final in Omaha in 2017.

Edward and Zonik were on the Dutch team at the 2018 World Equestrian Games in Tryon as well as the World Cup Final in Paris the same year.

The 50-year-old rider has had close ties with both the World Cup and Las Vegas over the years.

On Lingh, he placed second in his inaugural appearance in 2004 at the annual world championship in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The following year in Las Vegas Edward and Lingh upset all-time champion Anky van Grunsven in the Grand Prix but again was runner-up in the Freestyle. In 2006, Edward again competed Lingh.

Edward was in Las Vegas when the Final returned to the self-styled “Entertainment Capital of the World” in 2007, this time on Gribaldi.

The greatest success came on Totilas at the Final in 2010 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands where the combination won the title then five months later swept the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky.

Sisther de Jeu was his mount at the Final in Leipzig, Germany in 2011 for fourth place before placing third on Glock’s Undercover in both Gothenburg, Sweden in 2013 and Lyon, France in 2014.

Undercover was Edward’s mount at Las Vegas in 2015–the last time it was there before this year’s championship–where they were reserve champions to Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro.