Steffen Peters & Suppenkasper Win Wellington CDI3* Grand Prix Special for 4th Florida Winter Circuit Victory

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Steffen Peters and Suppenkasper in the Adequan Global Dressage Festival CDI3* Grand Prix Special. © 2020 Ken Braddick/


WELLINGTON, Florida, Jan. 25, 2020–Steffen Peters and Suppenkasper won the Adequan Global Dressage Festival CDI3* Grand Prix Special Saturday with Agnete Kirk Thinggaard on Blue Hors Zatchmo runner-up in the Danish team rider’s debut Florida event.

Steffen and the 12-year-old KWPN gelding scored 75.702% for the fourth straight win in four starts on the Florida winter circuit.

The goal, said Steffen of San Diego, California, was to have four solid tests in Globals centerpiece arena to settle Suppenkasper for the Grand Prix Freestyle “that’s a gigantic hurdle for him in this arena and of course there is a lot to stake for the World Cup qualifier.”

Steffen and Mopsie, as Suppenkasper is nicknamed, have two of three scores required to qualify for one of two places reserved for North America at the World Cup Final in Las Vegas in mid-April, the same Thomas & Mack Arena where he won the title on Ravel in 2009.

“Our warm up system has been working pretty good that we’ve been working him two hours before the test and then today we only did 15 minutes right before going into the ring,” he said of the horse he’s been competing the past two years since being acquired as a Tokyo Olympic prospect. “He stayed nice and calm and I came in in a nice rising trot and again he did a very clean test and that’s what we want for the team: consistency.

“He always offers more; he’s also a horse you can never tell off. If a mistake happens we simply circle and do it again, its about very patient repetition until he gets it. Getting after him is just not even in the vocabulary. He’d take that very personally.”

Agnete Kirk Thinggaard and Blue Hors Zatchmo in the Adequan Global Dressage Festival CDI3* Grand Prix Special. © 2020 Ken Braddick/

Agnete Kirk Thinggaard rode Zatchmo, an 11-year-old Oldenburg stallion, to a score of 74.851% for second place, two days after their inaugural Global start, the Grand Prix that was awarded 72.391% to placed second to Steffen and Suppenkasper.

This was the third Big Tour event for the Danish Olympic team rider and Zatchmo that partnered at Small Tour in 2018 before moving to Grand Prix late last year.

Agnete has brought a barn full of horses with her to Florida as she seeks a place on Denmark’s team for the Tokyo Games. She will remain in Florida until mid-March when she has to return to Denmark for a required Olympic selection event.

In addition to Zatchmo, she debuted Blue Hors Don Olymbrio at Grand Prix in the same CDI3* placing fourth on 71.783% and on Blue Horse Veneziana scored 74% in each of two national Grand Prix at this same show.

“I’m trying with all of them,” she said, “and we’ll see what happens.

“If I had to pick one today it would be Zatchmo, but you never know what happens.”

Orthilia, the Oldenburg mare acquired from Fiona Bigwood after competing on Great Britain’s silver medal team at the 2016 Olympics, is also with her. However, the horse now 15 years old, has been competed only sparingly by Agnete and is only now completing her second rehabilitation from injury.

She’s working Orthilia to get her back into shape because “I really want to do a show with her here.”

“I’m thinking maybe the World Cup season next year with her,” Agnete said.

“It’s amazing to be here with all my horses and train with Lars (Petersen) every day,” she said. “It’s a very god environment for the horses. It’s good to come here to do the tests, weekend after weekend. There’s not a lot of traveling so it doesn’t take that much out of the horses. It’s really good to build up the routine with these younger horses, and for me as well.”

Agnete said she’s not sure which horse

Canada’s Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu and All In placed third on 72.064%.


CDI3* Grand Prix Special

Judges: Lee Tubman Mariano Santos Redondo Katrina Wüst Jane Weatherwax Carlos Lopes
Place Score % Nation Athlete Horse E H C M B
1. 75.702 USA Steffen Peters Suppenkasper 75.851 77.021 72.553 75.638 77.447
2. 74.851 DEN Agnete Kirk Thinggaard Blue Hors Zatchmo 72.766 75.213 74.681 75.638 75.957
3. 72.064 CAN Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu All In 73.191 71.596 72.447 72.766 70.319
4. 71.660 USA Charlotte Jorst Kastels Nintendo 71.383 71.596 71.489 71.915 71.915
5. 71.447 CAN Naima Moreira Laliberte Statesman 71.915 71.489 71.596 70.319 71.915
6. 71.319 USA Adrienne Lyle Harmony’s Duval 70.319 72.979 70.213 71.809 71.277
7. 70.532 JPN Kazuki Sado Ludwig Der Sonnenkoenig 2 75.638 68.830 70.319 69.043 68.830
8. 69.808 CAN Megan Lane Zodiac MW 69.362 68.936 69.574 72.872 68.298
9. 68.447 JPN Masanao Takahashi Rubicon Unitechno 66.596 71.489 69.362 66.596 68.191
10. 68.064 USA Günter Seidel Equirelle W 66.277 69.149 67.660 69.362 67.872
11. 67.958 SWE Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén Etoine 68.617 67.979 67.128 69.043 67.021
12. 67.851 CAN Jill Irving Degas 12 69.255 68.404 68.191 66.596 66.809
13. 65.511 GBR Susan Pape Harmony’s Eclectisch 65.319 64.787 66.915 66.064 64.468
14. 65.276 USA Michael Pineo Farrington 62.340 64.574 64.468 67.447 67.553
15. 64.277 MEX Martha Fernanda Del Valle Quirarte Dynamic RS 64.043 64.255 63.085 65.532 64.468
SC. GEO Joanne Vaughan Elmegardens Marquis