Jessica von Bredow-Werndl on Dalera Beats Isabell Werth on Weihegold to Win Stuttgart World Cup Freestyle

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Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and TSF Dalera BB. File photo. © Ken Braddick/

STUTTGART, Germany, Nov. 16, 2019–Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and TSF Dalera BB beat Isabell Werth and three-time World Cup champion partner Weihegold OLD to win the German Masters World Cup Grand Prix Freestyle Saturday.

The score of 88.440% for Jessica and the 12-year-old Trakehner mare bested the result of team mate Isabell on Weihegold on 87.240%.

The score for Jessica, 33 years old, and Dalera was second highest only to the 89.107% the pair logged in taking Freestyle bronze at the European Championships in Rotterdam in August, where they also earned gold as a member of the German team.

“She gave me a feeling I’ve never had before!” Jessica said of Dalera that she competed at Small Tour in 2016 before moving to Grand Prix in 2018. “In Rotterdam she was already amazing but today it felt even lighter and easier. Every piaffe was amazing, every transition every passage and pirouette, every half-pass… I’m so excited about our future now!”

A sold-out crowd of 8,000 spectators watched Jessica ride to the music of “La La Land,” that she described as “my heart music. It felt like dancing and I had goose bumps all the time on my ride.”

“It’s really cool to win in Stuttgart, I’ve always dreamed of that!”

Isabell, who has won the freestyle here on nine occasions since it was first staged in 1985, praised Jessica for a “completely deserved” victory but laughed, “this should not be a habit.”

Jessica and Dalera were also on Germany’s gold medal team at the 2018 World Equestrian Games in Tryon then three months later won both the CDI5* Grand Prix and Freestyle in Geneva. Isabell on Emilio was runnerup there.

The scores don’t count for Isabell who has ridden Weihegold to victory in the annual championships at Omaha in 2017, Paris in 2018 and Gothenburg this year, as well as team gold and individual silver at the 2016 Olympics. She has fulfilled the first of two required qualifying events on both Weihegold and Emilio, Weihegold her first choice to defend the title and Emilio as a backup.

The duo’s runnerup placing was only the fourth time not to finish first in 35 starts since the 2016 Rio Games–two of the second places coming as a result of victories by America’s Laura Graves on Verdades.

Helen Langehanenberg on Damsey FRH rounded out the top three places for Germany wih a score of 83.725%, while Germans Dorothee Schneider on DSP Sammy Davis Jr. was fourth on 83.395% and Benjamin Werndl, Jessica’s brother, on Daily Mirror fifth on 80.900%.

The result boosted Jessica into a tie with fellow German Frederic Wandres at the top of the Western European League in the third of 11 qualifiers for a start at the final in Las Vegas next April. Helen Langehanenberg stands third and Benjamin Werndl fourth, but of the nine places reserved for Western Europe at the final of a total of 18 from around the world, a country is limited to three starting places.

The next World Cup event is in Madrid at the end of the month.


World Cup Grand Prix Freestyle

Judges: Dietrich Plewa Hans-Christian Matthiesen Henning Lehrmann Alice Schwab Christof Umbach
Pl. Score Nat. Athlete Horse E H C M B Spectators
1. 88.440 GER Jessica von Bredow-Werndl TSF Dalera BB 88.325 90.075 90.375 89.075 84.350 84.588 (2)
2. 87.240 GER Isabell Werth Weihegold OLD 85.925 87.675 89.725 89.850 83.025 85.555 (1)
3. 83.735 GER Helen Langehanenberg Damsey FRH 85.350 83.875 83.100 83.225 83.125 81.118 (5)
4. 83.395 GER Dorothee Schneider DSP Sammy Davis JR. 84.225 84.600 83.250 82.800 82.100 82.826 (3)
5. 80.900 GER Benjamin Werndl Daily Mirror 9 79.575 81.750 82.450 81.125 79.600 81.900 (4)
6. 80.755 IRL Judy Reynolds Vancouver K 83.350 79.400 82.275 78.500 80.250 77.837 (8)
7. 80.510 GER Frederic Wandres Duke of Britain 83.550 80.675 79.000 79.325 80.000 79.743 (6)
8. 78.740 GBR Charlotte Fry Dark Legend 80.550 79.125 79.500 77.075 77.450 77.944 (7)
9. 76.400 AUS Kristy Oatley Du Soleil 75.975 77.675 76.175 75.450 76.725 76.774 (9)
10. 75.915 NED Denise Nekeman Boston STH 76.775 76.825 76.000 75.225 74.750 75.794 (11)
11. 75.755 AUT Victoria Max-Theurer Benaglio 78.575 73.925 74.225 75.450 76.600 74.799 (14)
12. 75.235 BEL Laurence Roos Fil Rouge 76.750 75.200 75.250 74.400 74.575 74.630 (15)
13. 74.990 GBR Louise Anne Bell Into the Blue 74.575 76.750 74.800 74.550 74.275 75.778 (12)
14. 74.560 NED Lucie Louws Evito 75.875 74.850 75.925 72.925 73.225 76.485 (10)
15. 74.495 KOR Young-Shik Hwang Despino 15 75.700 73.875 74.900 74.400 73.600 75.032 (13)