USA vs. Germany. If World Cup Grand Prix had been Nations Cup…

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American riders at the World Cup Final–Laura Graves, Adrienne Lyle and Kasey Perry-Glass.


GOTHENBURG, Sweden, April 6, 2017–A German reporter was overheard to dismiss the results of the World Cup Grand Prix as meaningless because it had no direct effect on the title that is decided solely by individual scores of the Freestyle.

Both Germany and the United States had three combinations at the World Cup, the only two nations to fulfill the maximum allowed complement. All were competing as individuals.

The format of team competition with only three scores counting is typical, not only in equestrian competitions but in other Olympic sports.

So, if the Olympics were held this week and the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) rule of only three horses and riders that will apply in Tokyo in 2020 were implemented results of the Grand Prix would be:

Isabell Werth/Weihegold OLD 81.755%
Helen Langehanenberg/Damsey FRH 76.957%
Benjamin Werndl/Daily Mirror 73.758%
Total – 232.470

Laura Graves/Verdades 80.109%
Kasey Perry-Glass/Dublet 77.267%
Adrienne Lyle/Salvino 75.326%
Total – 232.702

USA – Gold Germany – Silver

Isabell and Weiehegold are No. 1 in the world (the lady rider also is No. 3 on Bella Rose and No. 4 on Emilio)
Helen Langehanenberg is No. 6 on Damsey. Benjamin Werndl and Daily Mirror are No. 19. The only German combinations with higher world rankings are Dorothee Schneider and Sammy Davis Jr. at No. 8 and Jessica von Bredow-Werndl (Benjamin’s sister) and TSF Dalera BB. Sammy Davis had a health issue that, as any horse person knows can afflict equines (and humans) at any time.

As for the USA, the three thirty-something ladies are ranked No. 2, No. 5 and No. 28, respectively. An American combination not here is ranked No. 22.

The calculations are meaningless and to be fair the team competition in Tokyo will be both Grand Prix and Special because this wasn’t a team competition, but…