Adrienne Lyle on American-Bred Harmony’s Duval Wins Wellington CDI3* Grand Prix Special in Tie Break With Charlotte Jorst & Kastel’s Nintendo

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Adrienne Lyle riding Harmony’s Duval in the Global Dressage Festival CDI3* Grand Prix Special, winning in a tie-break. © 2019 Ken Braddick/


WELLINGTON, Florida, Feb. 23, 2019–Adrienne Lyle rode Harmony’s Duval to victory in the Adequan Global Dressage Festival CDI3* Grand Prix Special Saturday, breaking a score tie with fellow American Charlotte Jorst on Kastel’s Nintendo.

Adrienne, an Olympic and two-time World Equestrian Games rider for the United States, was awarded 72.255 per cent on the 11-year-old KWPN gray gelding bred in America by Leslie Malone’s Harmony Sporthorses of Kiowa, Colorado.

Charlotte of Reno, Nevada and Nintendo, back competing in Wellington for the first time in two years, recorded the same score but the tie break gave the top spot to Adrienne. Germany’s Christoph Koschel on Ballentines placed third on 69.447 per cent after spending five hours in the hospital earlier in the day being treated for a nerve problem that prevented him from walking (see separate story).

On Duval, Adrienne, 34 years old who is based in Wellington in winter and will be centered in Greenwood Village, Colorado in summer when not competing in Europe, logged the third victory in four starts since starting Big Tour earlier this month. The horse is owned by a syndicate in the northwest United States.

Adrienne who was awarded a $25,000 training grant for Duval said she thinks the horse will be ready to leave America for the first time in his life to go on the European summer circuit with Salvino, her World Games and primary team mount.

“I think so, yeah, I really do,” she replied to a question about being competitive in Europe. “Especially since there’s so much more that I can get in schooling. I told Debbie (McDonald) that there’s moments at home where I’m like ‘Dang, this could be really good.’ I think there’s still more in there, and there’s a long time until Europe because it’s only February.”

The piaffe/passage tour in the Special was much stronger than in the Grand Prix “so I was glad we were able to tap into more of his potential in there today.

While she works out what is effective in training, warmup and in the competition arena with the still green Duval, “the great thing about him is that he’ll go forever, there’s not a stop in him. So it’s just cleaning everything up.

“I think his best quality is his ambition. Sometimes it’s a little overzealous, but there’s never a lack of trying with that horse. He’d jump off a cliff if you’d ask him to.”


CDI3* Grand Prix Special
Judges: Gabriela Valerianova Henning Lehrmann Magnus Ringmark Linda Zang Bo Jena
Place Score Nation Athlete Horse E H C M B Spectators
1. 72.255 USA Adrienne Lyle Harmony’s Duval 72.340 71.915 70.106 73.298 73.617 73.445 (1)
2. 72.255 USA Charlotte Jorst Kastels Nintendo 71.702 71.383 71.596 75.000 71.596 71.889 (2)
3. 69.447 GER Christoph Koschel Ballentines 10 69.468 68.723 70.106 69.894 69.043 70.000 (3)
4. 68.723 GBR Susan Pape Harmony’s Don Noblesse 67.447 70.000 69.468 66.596 70.106 69.335 (4)
5. 68.638 USA Rebecca Waite Doktor 69.787 68.085 67.660 67.553 70.106 69.000 (5)
6. 67.617 USA Heather Blitz Semper Fidelis 66.277 68.511 68.830 67.128 67.340 68.500 (6)
7. 67.532 DOM Yvonne Losos De Muniz Aquamarijn 66.809 69.043 67.872 66.596 67.340 67.000 (7)
8. 65.681 CAN Jill Irving Arthur 66.489 65.851 65.106 66.489 64.468 66.889 (8)
9. 64.043 FIN Merita Hagren Viveur 63.085 66.702 63.511 66.064 60.851 65.000 (9)
10. 63.745 GEO Joanne Vaughan Elmegardens Marquis 61.809 65.957 64.149 63.617 63.191 64.250 (10)
11. 63.128 USA Marcus Orlob Royal Touch 62.872 62.979 61.915 64.149 63.723 63.750 (11)
12. 62.234 CAN Evi Strasser Disney Tyme 61.489 62.447 59.681 63.511 64.043 63.500 (12)
13. 60.957 USA Patricia Becker Freedom 60.957 59.468 58.936 64.894 60.532 62.112 (13)
14. 59.787 USA Pamela Aide Bon De Niro P 61.915 56.596 61.277 60.532 58.617 60.250 (14)
RET CAN Christilot Boylen Rockylane
SCR USA Devon Kane Sir Galanto