Japan Racing Association Announces Free Use of Equestrian Park for 2020 Olympic Horse Sports

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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Equestrian Park under construction that will host dressage and jumping for all three disciplines as well as Paralympic equestrian.

TOKYO, Dec. 23, 2018–The Japanese Racing Association will lend the Equestrian Park free of charge for horse sports at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Tokyo 2020 announced.

The JRA, a Thoroughbred racing body, made the offer of support as an “official contributor” to the Games that enables the organization to use designations that explain their contributions in Japan.

The JRA will also help renovate the facility and provide financial support for temporary overlay work.

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome JRA to our Games family as supporters in our new initiative of Tokyo 2020 official contributor,” said Tokyo 2020 President Yoshiro Mori.

“JRA will refurbish and maintain the Equestrian Park, the venue for equestrian events at the Tokyo 2020 Games, and furnish financial support for overlay construction being carried out by Tokyo 2020.

“In addition, we really appreciate the fact that this will provide huge support for the operation of equestrian events, including the deployment of veterinarians during the Games.

“I firmly believe the Equestrian Park will become a legacy of the Tokyo 2020 Games for the global equestrian world and will help contribute to its future development.”

The JRA Equestrian Park hosted equestrian events of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

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