Germany Allows Dressage Freestyles in Any Costume

4 years ago StraightArrow Comments Off on Germany Allows Dressage Freestyles in Any Costume

WARENDORF, Germany, April 1, 2018–Riders in freestyles in German national shows will be allowed to wear whatever costume they like, effective July 1.

The federation made the announcement Sunday–April Fool’s Day–citing an exhibition at Equitana in 2017 by Ingrid Klimke wearing a flowing pink gown and pink helmet riiding Franziskus.

“Figure skating and vaulting make it happen,” the announcement quoted Fritz Otto-Erley, head of the federation’s department of yournament sports.

“With this step we want to make the dressage sport more attractive and suitable for television.

“Of course, the dressage kür provides for liberalization, since the tests are designed individually.”