Luxury Jet Plane Community Proposed for Wellington, Many Equestrians Denounce Idea

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WELLINGTON, Florida, Dec. 14, 2017–A developer has proposed building an equestrian community with a private jet runway next to farms that stable some of the world’s top Olympic dressage and jumping horses. The proposal is opposed by many residents in adjoining communities.

A concrete runway proposed for the development would be 4,800 feet/1,460 meters, longer than one of the three runways at Palm Beach International Airport, a full scale airport with one of the country’s largest private jet fleets 14 miles/22 km from Wellington.

The proposed development called Flying Cow Ranch would provide for 30 five-acre/2Ha. residential/equestrian/aviation lots, a club house and guest airplane parking. An existing gravel runway of 1,800 feet/550 meters would be extended to a concrete strip of 4,800 feet.

The extended runway is capable of handling jets large enough to seat 11 passengers.

The proposed development adjoins an existing community where Olympic and championship dressage and jumping horses competed by Americans and Europeans are stabled, especially during the peak winter circuits.

Fritz Kundrun and his wife, Claudine, the owner of Sydney 2000 and Rio 2016 U.S. dressage team bronze medal horses who live on their farm in an adjoining community, said, “would anyone in her/his right mind want to pair horses with jet planes? This is not only an absurd idea, but if it were to exist, constitutes an extremely dangerous risk to all equestrians nearby.”

In a letter to the Village of Wellington government, he wrote: “Just imagine one of the residents there would go into his hangar, start his engines right next to his barn with 20 horses, then ‘driving’ his jet plane, motors running, to the runway, on the connecting road, and–worst of all–racing with blaring engines on the runway to lift off over our properties where we try to live in peace with our horses.

“Reading all the arguments in the developer’s proposal, it is obvious to conclude that most of these future residents will NOT be there for their equestrian ambitions. Look at where they put their equestrian trails, right next and parallel to their taxiway. Their equestrian interests are a camouflage. Their MAIN goal is to build another airport!

“A ‘TROJAN HORSE’ tactic for sure!”