Robert Dover to Offer 4 “Future Stars” Scholarships in 2nd Year of Highly Praised Program

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Sophia Schults on Farley 4 being coached by Robert Dover and who received a scholarship provided by the USA coach’s “Future Stars” program.

WELLINGTON, Forida, Sept. 21, 2017–Robert Dover, the United States dressage coach, plans to offer for the second year a month of lessons to four riders in his “Future Stars” program that has been rated by participants as an exciting path to a career in equestrian sports.

After the first year’s program for riders under 25 years of age that he described as “very successful,” he is working out details for 2018 requiring a video and applications from riders seeking one of the scholarships. The lessons are held at the Wellington barn of Oded Shimoni where Robert is based.

He described 2017 participants Robert Lueck, Sophia Schults, Christian Kennedy and Hanna Pierucci as “awesome, hard working and very gifted.”

Christian Kennedy, originally from Iowa City, Iowa and who was a working student with the Florida-based Australian Ilse Schwarz when awarded the scholarship, said that with Robert’s guidance “I have found myself on a very promising and exciting career path.”

“The Future Stars program was extremely influential to me,” he said. “From a technical standpoint Robert really helped put structure to my riding and training.

“Robert is very good at teaching his riders the basics and then helping them build upon it in a way that allows the horse and rider to communicate with each other harmoniously.

“A big lightbulb moment for me was to see how the basics he taught benefited any horse, no matter their age or experience.

“I reference his lessons and lectures daily in my riding, and when he has a free moment he is quick to offer advice from the ground.

Sophia Schults, 16 years old of St. Joseph, Michigan, said: “I found the program very educational and inspiring. I really enjoyed his encouraging and enthusiastic attitude toward teaching. I would definitely recommend this program to others as it has opened many doors today that I would not have had in the past.”