Six New 5* Judges Announced, Including Janet Foy of USA

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Janet Foy. © Ken Braddick/

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, Mar. 24, 2017–Six FEI new 5* judges have been appointed by the International Equestrian Federation.

The judges are Maria Schwennesen of Australia, Maria Colliander of Finland, Raphaël Saleh of France, Irina Maknami of Russia, Francisco Guerra Diaz of Spain and Janet Foy of the United States.

The promotions announced Friday come into effect July 1 this year and will allow the judges to officiate at major events, such as World Cup Finals, Championships at Grand Prix level, World Equestrian Games and the Olympics.

The promotions bring the number of 5* Dressage judges to 36.

The number of 5* judges by nation: Germany 5, France 4, Netherlands 4, United States 4, Australia 3, Denmark 3, Great Britain 3, Canada 2, Sweden 2, Austria 1, Finland 1, Italy 1, Mexico 1, Russia 1, Spain 1.

A working group looking into dressage judging will make an initial report at the FEI Sport Forum in Lausanne, Switzerland next month.

The promotions mean that Australia will have three 5*s, Finland one, France four, Russia one, Spain one  and the United States four.

Irina Macnamee