European Championships Opening Ceremony Set For Aug. 21

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Artistic rendering of Ullevi Stadium set up for equestrian competition.

GOTHENBURG, Sweden, Feb. 21, 2017–The opening ceremony for the European Championships of dressage, driving, jumping and para-dressage has been scheduled for Aug. 21 in the centerpiece Ullevi Stadium.

Organizers of the championships and other events including international Under-25 dressage and jumping as part of the program announced the opening ceremony Tuesday, exactly six months to the start of the week-long event.

Championship dressage and jumping will be the first equestrian event staged in the Ullevi Stadium that seats up to 43,000 spectators. The stadium gained worldwide attention in 1985 when the rhythmic movement of tens of thousands of fans at a Bruce Springsteen concert nearly collapsed the structure, which has since been strengthened.

Tickets and program information are available at

The opening ceremony will be free to the public.