Vote in Wellington Tuesday — Editorial

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Voters will decide on Tuesday whether to continue for another four years a Village of Wellington government that has thwarted completion of the Global Dressage Festival show grounds while the single family that sponsored the election of a majority of council members pursues a court case to have the show grounds torn down and supports an amendment to the community’s charter to take control of farms.

The election is billed as a Presidential Preference Primary, but other candidates and issues on the ballot are critical for the future of Wellington and, the sole purpose of the only editorial by, dressage in Wellington. In five years it has led the sport in the entire Western Hemisphere and taken its place among the best in the world.

Equestrians–especially the dressage community–have an opportunity to vote for a new mayor and a new council member that will give a fair hearing to horse people and thousands of others whose lives and livelihood are vital to the vibrant economy of Wellington. Many have made their homes here year round and tens of thousands more come to enjoy an equestrian lifestyle unmatched anywhere else.

The horse world has an opportunity to continue to be at the heart of all of Wellington–horse shows whose welcome sign attract tens of thousands of spectators every week, contributors of millions of dollars in property and sales taxes and whose spending supports a very healthy local economy. Millions more dollars raised by the equestrian community every year for dozens of causes benefitting our community as well as neighboring towns and cities and even around the world.

Tuesday, is an opportunity to end the exercise of power and money by a single family over the local government, to end the politics and policies of division that threaten to  destroy what has been created by horse people for all to enjoy the beauty, thrill and majesty of equestrian sport.

We urge all equestrians registered to vote to go to their polling places that are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and end the crony politics of the sitting mayor and vice mayor and defeat proposed changes to Wellington’s Charter.

We urge votes for:

Mayor – Anne Gerwig

Council Seat 1 – Michael J. Drahos

Referendum Question No. 1 – No

Referendum Question No. 2 – No

Referendum Question No. 3 – No