European Championship Nominated Entries

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The 2013 European Championships team  medalists, Germany (gold), Netherlands (silver) and Great Britain (bronze). © Ken Braddick/
The 2013 European Championships team medalists, Germany (gold), Netherlands (silver) and Great Britain (bronze). © Ken Braddick/

July 21, 2015


A record 18 nations nominated teams for the European Championships in Aachen, Germany starting in just three weeks with three countries seeking to earn a place alongside Australia, Brazil, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and the United States at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

The European Championship Nations Cup at Grand Prix on Aug. 12 and 13, the Grand Prix Special individual title Aug. 15 and the Grand Prix Freestyle on Aug. 16 will provide the world’s biggest dressage stage, the Main Stadium big enough for 40,000 spectators that was matched only once before, at the World Games at these same iconic show grounds in 2006.

The competition will be of the world’s top horse and rider partnerships including Olympic double gold medalists Valegro and Charlotte Dujardin, Germany’s top ranked Kristina Bröring-Sprehe and Desperados FRH, the Netherlands’ Edward Gal and Glock’s Undercover and the charismatic Totilas ridden by Matthias Alzexander Rath. But not Adelinde Cornelissen and Jerich Parzival that will be absent for the first time since 2009 because the 18-year-old KWPN gelding is not considered fit enough. Bella Rose, a star of the 2014 World Games, is also missing, still recovering from an injury, but her rider, Isabell Werth, has been nominated on Don Johnson FRH.

Dressage carries total prize money of €240,000 (US$262,000) with half of that allocated to the Freestyle.

The seven-member championship ground jury comprises Katrina Wüst of Germany as president, Jean-Michel Roudier of France, Susanne Baarup of Denmark, Annette Ransen-Iacobaeus of Sweden, Anne Gribbons of the United States, Eduard de Wolff van Westerrode of the Netherlands and Andrew Gardner of Great Britain. .

While not every nation has announced selection of their teams, nominated entries announced Tuesday included 18 nations with at least three horses and riders that would be the minimum for a team, and two individuals

Nations nominating teams were Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and the Ukraine. Estonia and Ireland nominated individuals.

The list included 115 riders on 126 horses. The entries will be whittled down to the final teams by the time of definite entries Aug. 3 with the lst date of substitutions Aug. 11.

If all 18 nations that have nominated teams for the Europeans–held once every two years and a primary qualifying competition for the World Games and the Olympics-start at Aachen it will be the biggest continental championships ever. The previous biggest was Rotterdam in 2011 when there were 16 teams.

Five of the seven international disciplines governed by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI)–dressage, driving, jumping, reining and vaulting–will be staged simultaneously at Aachen over two weeks, with a CICO3* of eventing that is not part of the championships. Only Endurance will be left out, a sport that has been wracked by cheating, doping and cruelty scandals in recent years.

Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain qualified teams for the Olympics through the World Games in Normandy last year but have nominated their top pairs for what is considered a premier championship with national pride on the line.

Three more European team slots are available at Aachen.

Brazil gets a start as the host of the Rio Games, Australia qualified at the World Games through a place specially set aside for the Asia/Pacific region while the United States won its start through the Pan American Games earlier this month.

The Asia/Pacific region gets to qualify a second team at a CDI2* in Perl, Germany in September, an event specially designated by the FEI for that geographic group.

Other nations, such as Canada whose chances of being in the Olympics were minimized significantly when the FEI cut the nations that could qualify through the Pan Ams to one instead of two in the the recent past, will have to qualify a minimum of three individual combinations to make up a “composite” team.

The nominated entries announced Tuesday:

AUT Austria Chef d’Equipe: Diana Wünschek
MAX-THEURER, Victoria Augustin OLDBlind Date 25Eichendorff
NEUMAYER, Astrid Rodriguez 4
SCHUMACH, Christian Auheim’s Picardo
SLANEC, Alexandra Lord Of Dream
BEL Belgium
DE DEKEN, Julie Kingsley Lucky Dance
DEVROE, Jeroen Eres DL
FASSAERT, Claudia Donnerfee
MEIRESONNE, Delphine Wipsy V. Heihof
VANOMMESLAGHE, Laurence Avec Plaisir
VERLIEFDEN, Fanny Annarico
VERWIMP, Jorinde Tiamo
DEN Denmark Chef d’Equipe: Kimi Gerd Nielsen
BACHMANN, Daniel Blue Hors Loxana
DAHL, Anders Wie-Atlantico de Ymas
GUNDERSEN, Mikala Münter My Lady
HELGSTRAND, Andreas Toerveslettens Stamina
KASPRZAK, Anna Donnperignon
PETERSEN, Lars Mariett
SVANE, Rikke Finckenstein TSF
ESP Spain
BARBANÇON MESTRE, Morgan Painted BlackVitana V
CASTILLA RUIZ, Claudio Alcaide
DOMINGO COLL, Jordi Wonder
FERRER – SALAT, Beatriz DelgadoSir Radjah
GARCIA MENA, José Antonio Norte Lovera
MARTIN DOCKX, Jose Daniel Grandioso
EST Estonia
ELLERMANN, Dina Landy’s Akvarel
FIN Finland
BÖCKMANN, Kristina Der Kleine Lord 16
EHRNROOTH, Elisabet Wizard II
KANERVA, Emma Sini Solina
NILOSAARI, Niina Kom Ragdoll
PORTHAN-BRODDELL, Eevamaria Solos Lacan
SUOMIO, Kikka Flourian
FRA France
BOBLET, Marc Noble Dream Concept Sol Biolight
BRIEUSSEL, Stéphanie Amorak
GOSSELIN, Claire Karamel de Lauture
HENRY, Ludovic After You
LIEGARD, Bertrand Star Wars
SERRE, Arnaud Robinson de Lafont de Massa
TEBAR, Karen Don Luis
VOLLA, Pierre Badinda Altena
GBR Great Britain Chef d’Equipe: Richard Waygood
BIGGS, Hannah Weltzin
BIGWOOD, Fiona Atterupgaards Orthilia
DUJARDIN, Charlotte Valegro
EILBERG, Michael George Marakov
GRIFFITH, Lara Rubin Al Asad
HESTER, Carl Nip Tuck
ROSS, Anna Louise Die Callas
WILTON, Spencer Super Nova II
GER Germany Chef d’Equipe: Klaus Roeser
BALKENHOL, Anabel Dablino FRH
BRÖRING-SPREHE, Kristina Desperados FRH
LÜTKEMEIER, Fabienne D’Agostino FRH
RATH, Matthias Alexander Totilas
ROTHENBERGER, Sanneke Deveraux OLD
SCHMIDT, Hubertus Imperio 3
WERTH, Isabell Don Johnson FRH
IRL Ireland
REYNOLDS, Judy Vancouver K
ITA Italy Chef d’Equipe: Laura Conz
RIZZO, Silvia Sal
RUSTIGNOLI, Micol Fixdesign Corallo Nero
SCOLARI, Federica Beldonwelt
SOLDI, Ester Harmonia
TIOZZO, Leonardo Randon
TRUPPA, Valentina Fixdesign ChablisFixdesign Eremo del Castegno
LUX Luxembourg Chef d’Equipe: Tania Kayser
ERPELDING, Diane Woltair TSF
HENSCHEN, Veronique Fontalero
SCHULZ, Sascha Wito Corleone 2
SKARSOE, Fie Christine One Night Stand
NED Netherlands Chef d’Equipe: Wim Ernes
GAL, Edward Glock’s Undercover N.O.P.Glock’s Voice
HEIJKOOP, Danielle Siro N.O.P.
MINDERHOUD, Hans Peter Glock’s FlirtGlock’s Johnson TN
SILFHOUT, Diederik van Arlando N.O.P.Bonzanjo
VAN DER MEER, Patrick Uzzo
NOR Norway Chef d’Equipe: Marianne Heltzen
HESTENGEN, Trude Tobajo Pik Disney
HOLMEN, Anne Lene Rainbow Dancer 4
LØKKEN, Louise Mr Gold G
POL Poland
LUKASIK, Anna Stella Pack Ganda
MILCZAREK, Katarzyna Dzeko
SKOWRONSKA, Zaneta Mystery
STREMLER, Beata Rubicon D
POR Portugal Chef d’Equipe: Carlos Lopes
CAETANO, Maria Xiripiti
CANELAS, Filipe Der Clou
CARVALHO, Gonçalo Batuta
FALCÃO, Raquel Real
PINTO, Carlos Soberano III
PINTO, Daniel Santurion de Massa
VEIGA, Manuel Ben Hur Da Broa
WALLENSTEIN, Ricardo Bem Me Quer
RUS Russia Chef d’Equipe: Pavel Smagin
AFANASIEVA, Polina LaetareWinston
AFRAMEEVA, Marina Vosk
DOROFEEVA, Tatiana Kartsevo Upperville
ISACHKINA, Regina Diaz
KHARCHENKO, Ekaterina Gulliver
MERKULOVA, Inessa Mister X
SIDNEVA, Elena Romeo-Star
SUI Switzerland Chef d’Equipe: Geneviève Pfister
AERNE, Anna-Mengia Raffaelo v. Bene
HÄCKI, Caroline Rigoletto Royal CH
JOANNOU, Antonella Dandy de la Roche CMF CH
KRINKE SUSMELJ, Marcela Smeyers Molberg
ROSEN, Josephine Crescendo VII
SCHÄRLI, Patricia Cappucino XIV
WIENTZEK PLÄGE, Birgit For Compliment
SWE Sweden
FRIBERG, Paulinda Di Lapponia T
KITTEL, Patrik DejaWatermill Scandic
LARSSON, Jennie Zircoon Spring Flower
MATHISEN, Rose Zuidenwind 1187
NYRERÖD, Emilie Miata
TELDE, Minna Santana
UKR Ukraine Chef d’Equipe: Mykhalo Parkhomchuk
KISELIOVA, Svetlana Parish
KOVAN’KO, Alisa Vian Stallone
KOVSHOV, Maksim Flirt
LOGUTENKOVA, Inna Don GregoriusFleraro