USA 2015 Youth Program Plans Announced

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LEXINGTON, Kentucky, Dec.18, 2014–Plans for expanded programs for the dressage Youth Program were announced Thursday by the U.S. Equestrian Federation.

The revamped Youth Program will incorporate expanded support for the Junior and Young Rider clinics, rider meetings, coaching support at major events, Outreach Clinics, and a European Tour for two Young Rider combinations.

Complete 2015 USEF Dressage Youth Program Information and Coaches Schedule can be found here.

The USEF Youth Dressage Program under the direction of recently appointed Youth Coaches George Williams and Charlotte Bredahl-Baker is part of the overall pipeline.

The nine Platinum Performance/U.S. Dressage Federation Junior and Young Rider clinics will provide educational opportunities for riders aged 14-21 and riders 12- and 13 years old riding FEI ponies.

The clinics will be alternately led by George Williams, Charlotte Bredahl-Baker, and other instructors. Continuing in 2015 will be rider meetings held at competitions where the coaches are in attendance and coaching support at the North American Junior & Young Rider Championships, U.S. Dressage Festival of Champions and the USEF Dressage Seat Medal Finals.

New to the program for 2015 are Outreach Clinics and a Young Rider European Tour.

Outreach Clinics will be held in areas of the country which are either ‘hot spots’ for youth dressage, or areas identified as needing dressage promotion.

With the goal of promoting and exposing elite-level U.S. Young Riders to international competition, the Young Rider European Tour will send two Young Riders to national and FEI competitions in Europe.

“Our goal is to build a more comprehensive program that not only ties together existing programs, but fills in the gaps and adds new dimensions, taking us to a world-class level,” George said.

“The Outreach Clinics will bring dressage to more of our youth around the country, while the European Tour will inspire our top young dressage riders by providing an opportunity to compete head-to-head against their peers abroad.”