Heath Ryan & Regardez Moi Take Melbourne World Cup Freestyle, 6th Straight Victory

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Heath Ryan and Regardez Moi.
Heath Ryan and Regardez Moi.

MELBOURNE, Australia, Nov. 22, 2014–Heath Ryan and Regardez Moi, claimed the Equitana Grand Prix Freestyle Saturday for their second World Cup victory.

Heath and the black stallion that will be 19 years old come Jan. 1 scored 71.825 per cent for their sixth straight win, the longest string of first places since Regardez Moi began his Grand Prix career almost eight years ago.

Sue Hearn on Remmington placed second on 70.725 per cent while Katharine Farrell on Luxor was third on 70.125 per cent.

The event was the third in the Pacific League to qualify a single combination for the World Cup Final in Las Vegas in mid-April.

Heath, who rode Regardez Moi in the Final there in 2009, told dressage-news.com earlier that he does not plan to put the horse through the stress of such long distance travel.

A League Final–the Pacific League is the only one of the four geographic regions to still hold a head-to-head final event–will be held in two months to determine which combination will be invited to the annual global championship.

Regardez Moi and Heath won the Australian Grand Prix Championship along with the World Cup event at Sydney a month ago.

“The horse is getting older, but he is getting better in there,” Heath said after the Freestyle. “It’s one of those wonderful sports where knowledge can outrace age, and Regardez Moi and I are in the race of our life here and at 19 he is going gangbusters.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to be out there performing the sort of moves we do, but usually it’s when you’re at home and it’s late at night or early in the morning when you’re feeling sick or you don’t feel like doing it that you have a brilliant moment. At those times it’s just you and your horse, which is really beautiful, but no one there to go ‘holy smokes, that was wonderful.’ So it’s a wonderful thing to have all these people here to acknowledge it.

“I’m very pleased to be riding him and to have partnered with him through those years. He still has a lot of pizazz left in him and it’s just wonderful to be here tonight on such a wonderful horse.”

Katharine Farrell, 19 years old, and Luxor are in their first year at Grand Prix, having competed in Young Riders in 2013.

“We have come up really quickly, a lot quicker than I thought,” she said. “So far I am super pleased with how it is going.

“We really are the new kids on the block at this game, I couldn’t be more proud of him, and more happy to be here.”

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