South American Games Dressage Nations Cup Down to 3 Teams

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SANTIAGO, Chile, Mar. 7, 2014–South American Games dressage starts Saturday with only three teams to contest the Nations Cup with one judge missing from the ground jury and an arena with footing so poor it will be dragged after every three rides.

Argentina, Chile and Brazil only will have teams for the Prix St. Georges Nations Cup while Ecuador and Uruguay will have individuals at the Quillota Cavalry School 80 miles (130km) from Santiago.

Barring anything unforeseen, all three nations will qualify for the Pan American Games in Toronto next year.

Elizabeth McMullen of Canada, an International Equestrian Federation (FEI) 5-star judge who was to be president of the ground jury, did not participate when she was offered a travel itinerary that was unacceptable so the compettion will have four judges.

Members of the ground jury are Mercedes Campdera of Mexico, Max Piraino Lyon of Chile, Marian Cunningham of Peru and Claudia Moreira Mesquita of Brazil.

Canadian Cara Whitham who is the Foreign Technical Delegate worked to improve the footing and arranged to have it maintained after every three rides.

The Nations Cup at Prix St. Georges will be held Saturday, Intermediate 1 preliminary individual class on Sunday and the Intermediate Freestyle to decide individual medals on Tuesday.

(This version corrects an earlier report that the president of the ground jury did not receive a ticket for Santiago from the organizers. A travel schedule was apparently proposed but the itinerary was not aceptable.)

The competition starts at 9:10 a.m. local (7:10 a.m. US Eastern Time/1210GMT). The order of go:

09:10 – João Victor Marcari Oliva BRA Xamã dos Pinhais
09:19 – Óscar Coddou CHI Amarillo VDL
09:28 – Jacqueline Posse ARG Isaprinz
10:02 – Ana Maria Espinosa ECU Tambo Merlin
10:11 – Pia Aragão BRA Zepelim Interagro
10:20 – Ana María Moreno CHI Santanyi
10:54 – Vera Protzen ARG Solaguayre Country Night
11:03 – João Victor Oliva BRA Xama Dos Pinhais
11:12 – Julio Fonseca CHI Wettkonig
11;51 – Florencia Manfredi ARG Bandurria Kacero
12:00 – Ricardo Monje URU S.V.R. Basalto
12:09 – Julio Alvarez URU Aladino
12:43 – Leandro Aparecido da Silva BRA Dicaprio
12:52 – Virginia Yarur CHI El Dorado
13:01 – Carolina Espinoza Navarro ECU Amadeo
13:10 – Cesar Leopardo Grana ARG Tyara