World Cup Finals & Ponies Championships Award to Sweden Postponed by FEI Over Animal Welfare Laws

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The award of the World Cup Finals in dressage and jumping to Gothenburg in 2016 and the European Ponies Championships in dressage, eventing and jumping to Malmö in 2015 has been postponed by the International Equestrian Federation because Swedish animal welfare laws prohibit some treatments and approaches permitted by the FEI.

The postponements were announced after the FEI Bureau approved a calendar of events for 2015 and 2016.

Among the events approved, the European Dressage Championship for Young Riders, Juniors and Children to Vidauban, France the second week of July and the Central Asia Dressage Championship to Almaty, Kazakstan June 11-14, both in 2015.

Although the bureau did not consider the Young Rider World Cup Final that was last staged at Frankfurt, Germany in 2011 the FEI told that no new organizer for the event had yet been found “we’re hopeful the event will be reinstated soon.”

The FEI said the Swedish June legislation “prohibits certain treatments and approaches to supporting horses competing at FEI events which are permitted by the FEI Veterinary Regulations.

“The FEI and the Swedish NF (national federation) are in contact with the Swedish authorities who have acknowledged that their approach is at odds with the FEI Rules and Regulations and are undertaking a full review which is expected to produce new legislation for review during 2014.

“The outcome of the process cannot be predicted at this time, but the FEI and the Swedish NF are involved in the consultation with the relevant Swedish authorities. The FEI is taking this matter very seriously and will work actively with the authorities and the NF to find a suitable solution.”

The Bureau also approved the timeline for the allocation of the FEI World Equestrian Games in 2018 after deciding to reopen bidding when Bromont, Canada was the sole remaining bidder but did not provide full financial guarantees.

-Sept, 30, 2013-Deadline to receive Expressions of Interest by national federations are requested;
-March 31, 2014-Deadline for candidates to submit a completed and signed Host Agreement, and
-FEI Bureau Spring Meeting 2014 -Evaluation of candidacies and allocation.